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One of the most common question we get as homeschoolers is what curriculum or programs we use. A year and a half later I'm back to report that Reading Eggs completely taught our preschooler to read.
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Reading Eggs and Mathseeds tests kids in the beginning to they start perfectly at their current level.
Instead of the typical two weeks to sample the program, you will get FOUR weeks to see what you think! We have found an amazing resource for our kids that teaches both math and reading online in Reading Eggs and Mathseeds! While our daughter works on her online reading and math at the computer, he can use the tablet.

Now that I will be homeschooling our preschooler this Fall, I can't wait to work this program into our curriculum! I can monitor both and assist as needed as well as get a clear idea of what I should be working on next with them developmentally.

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