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The Super Hero Story Recall and Comprehension game comes with three super hero related stories, a graphic organizer, board game, comprehension cards, and a worksheet. I printed, cut out, and laminated the question cards, but the story questions board and graphic organizer only needed laminating since they took up a full page. Each superhero has an "S" name, which is helpful for working on letter association strategies.
The board game is motivating for my students to recall information about a story to advance.
The stories are a bit too long for some of my auditory processing students, so I would love to see more activities like this with shorter stories. One minor nitpicky detail is that the titles are presented in a font that does not use proper capitalization. WH questions - Students can practice asking WH questions by asking each other the questions on the question cards. Sequencing - Use the graphic organizer with your students to help them organize what happens in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.
Auditory Processing - Read a story to your students, then have them place the events in order and recall details about the story on the graphic organizer or by using the question cards.
Receptive Language - Talk about superheroes and what they do as well as some of the vocabulary from the stories (such as "bank", "New York City", "littering", "researching", "guard", etc.).
Super Hero Story Recall and Comprehension is currently available on Miss Speechie's TpT store for $2.65.

Consonantly Speaking was given a copy of Super Hero Story Recall and Comprehension to review and give away. Consonantly Speaking is owned and maintained by a licensed speech-language pathologist in her free time after work at a public school.
The author of Speech Time Fun, under the pseudonym "Miss Speechie", has currently authored 50 products on Teachers Pay Teachers. The graphic organizer can be used with each of the three stories and includes spaces to write the character names, setting, beginning, middle, and end of the story.
The Superhero Story Questions Game includes eighteen different question cards which ask questions about the story. I used this game with a student with auditory processing disorder and another with selective mutism, and it got them asking each other questions as well as answering questions, which was perfect! Some of my students are working on capitalization skills and I want to make sure that they are reading appropriate capitalization as well. Have children describe superheroes either by stating qualities that a superhero has as a person, his or her super powers, or aspects of a superhero's costume. To be honest, I am jealous of her will-power to keep her name a secret (I tried for 2-3 months, but gave in).
Read the story aloud to a student, then have him or her try to complete the graphic organizer by recalling details about the story. At the top, it states "If I were a superhero, my super power would be _____." Have the student fill in the blank.

Have them ask each other questions such as "who is your favorite superhero?", "what is your favorite superhero movie?", "did you see Batman: The Dark Knight?", "which superhero would you like to be?", etc. If you find any of the free materials or ideas on this website helpful, please consider donating what you feel the free materials that you have used are worth. It is difficult to keep ones' social life, work life, and online presence separate and I applaud anyone who can do that.
Then, have him or her roll the dice to see how many spaces he or she can move, then have him or her answer a question on one of the cards about the story. Then, there is a frame in which the child can draw a picture of himself or herself as a superhero. Anyhow, one of Miss Speechie's activities is her Super Hero Story Recall and Comprehension pack. Continue reading for my review of this printable activity as well as your chance to win a copy for yourself!

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