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Lion could mange to continue his fake ailing drama for next couple of months, perhaps, he became much healthier and strong to find his prey himself, but he turned too lazy to do any hard work, and he planned to continue his lifestyle in a similar way where he had been getting food doing no hard work at all! One day, a fox, who knew lion for long, was passing nearby his cave, and decided to enquire about his health. Fox replied, “ No sir, I know what’s happening inside the cave, coz I can see all the footprints are going inside the cave, but none of them is coming outside the cave, so I believe you’re killing everyone who came inside.” Lion stunned. Fox returned back to the jungle and warned everyone about lion’s strategy to kill his well wishers.
Lion, being an oldie, was not able to hunt down any animal, and so; he became very weak and thin. He thought if he pretends himself to be an ailing lion, everyone would come to him for wishing him a better health, and he can easily kill him or her and fulfill his hunger. Lion thought his end was nearby, and he should either die being as it is, or he should follow a different approach for his hungry stomach. But, I didn’t have the balls to stand up and challenge the partisan system and just kept mum like my peers. She writes on issues that matter in our Indian community and forwards fresh and sometimes revolutionary ideals.
So, she decided to remain outside the cave and asked the lion by shouting, “How are you sir?” Lion replied, “Not too well, perhaps, I’m feeling very weak. I mean, they have worked their asses off to be the best of the best and there they stand, unable to join the cream of the crop even though they are more than qualified for it.I befriended Sanjana (not her real name), a girl with dusky complexion from a Tamil primary school, who had scored straight As in UPSR and also my school mate who lived in my neighbourhood.
She was also my school bus mate and sure enough, we became close friends.I was a public bus virgin before secondary school.
There were co-curricular activities in school on Saturdays and school buses do not operate on weekends so taking the public bus to school became a necessity. The same is true after school, while waiting for transportation to take them home.Sanjana was a compulsive flirt.
In fact, it was Sanjana who boldly told her feelings for him via the public phone and I was there..

I was too altruistic and friends are not supposed to oppose whatever shit his or her friend is getting into. Peer pressure is crazy when you are a teen.So it goes, every other Meenatchi in my school has a Macha in her life and it was the unwritten rule that an Indian girl from my school must only choose her Macha from the boys school located strategically beside my beloved high school. I have witnessed tussles between several students from the boys school bashing up students from another all boys missionary school situated further down in the vicinity because they dared to chat up some Meenatchi from my school. I was not an exclusion – I too had some boys hurling monkey love lines, (we used to call it line puteran) my way and pressure from Sanjana and another imposing Form 2 Indian girl to accept any boy as my Macha was vexing to say the least. But, I was too averse and timid to accept any Macha and found the trend newfangled of which didn’t hit the right chord with me.
Of course I had crushes but Siddharth aka Munna reciprocating my crush is not gonna happen. Even though I knew that I will be in hot soup if my Mom learns that I’ve lent my garb to a friend, I willed the gut wrenching feeling away and gave Sanjana one my clothes which she liked. Then, she showed me the hickeys he gave her on her neck and chest and told me that it led them to sex. I decided not to borrow her my clothes anymore.The next time Sanjana asked for my clothes again, I told her that my Mom found out that I had lent her my tee and that she forbade me to do such thing again. It was a white lie but it worked.Soon after my refusal to lend Sanjana my clothes, she went on shopping sprees at a boutique situated at the shop lots in front of our school. I wanted to go to the discipline teacher to report this incident and clear my name but Angie pulled me aside and said she trusts me, not Sanjana. The case officially closed and my idea to get the school authority arbitrary intervention was put paid to. I got the hang of taking the town bus through the years and no longer needed Sanjana’s companionshipDays went to years and we got into morning session school. I became a prefect and wayward, garrulous, Indian girls who are my fellow school mates loathed me like anything. I refined my body language and mien and became stiff with the attitude of a Mastiff and no one dared to cross my way, be it girls or boys.

Confidence is not sexy and appealing when you are a teen.Sanjana failed to emulate her UPSR feat in PMR. I was travelling on my own track and Sanjana, on her own track and it was forked, going opposing directions. I pinched his chubby cheeks and he gave me a smile that would warm the coldest of hearts.It seems Sanjana flunked her SPM.
Wiping a tear off, she said in a thick voice that she regrets that she didn’t get her priorities right.
When she was supposed to be continuing her academic excellence, she had been gallivanting with boys.
She said that she had thought that no matter how sublime she is at studies, she will be considered as a dreg of society, her achievements, met with disdain and prejudice. Yes, the class relegation for those who are from Tamil schools made a such a negative impact on her. I folded my arms and watched my friend get screwed.Maybe some of you may think Sanjana dug her own grave but if only I had thwarted her moves, she would have become a somebody of a good epitome in our community now. This is also the driving factor why I think that vernacular schools should be integrated into national schools.
But, for that to come into reality, meticulous, exhaustive and detailed restructuring and planning are needed and it may take decades for such a system to materialize. If this kind of integration is done without proper phasing in, more of our Indian kids would be left out of school, especially those kids in estates.Ours is a relegating system where the deserved is banished and the undeserved given opportunities at the cost of excellence. We should take every chance to better ourselves because at the end of the day, we will end up making the system! Education is the only ticket for us to augment and uplift ourselves both in social and economy aspects.

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