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A friend recently asked whether, when designing a deck, do I work with a particular type of person in mind?
The answer is that when I start designing a new deck I do it because it calls to me, and then somehow uses me to design it. Your intuition may also manifest as clairsentient – perceiving information through a sensation in your physical body. Clairscentrist people sense through smell – tobacco, alcohol, a scent of candles, rosewater, etc (this is often reported with thoughts of spirit presence). Clairgustant is psychically tasting a substance, liquid or food without actually putting it in your mouth. Oddly, although we all have a certain amount of these so-called extra-sensory abilities, many adults in our culture ignore them or even close them down, either because they are scared, or because they couldn’t depend on their abilities – having been let down a couple of times, they then assumed it wasn’t safe to trust them at all.
Notwithstanding all the advances made by science over the last few centuries, which have seen our understanding of the universe change from the idea of a mechanical, ordered system in which humans stood triumphantly in the centre, into one where nothing is certain, all is flux, and humans, indeed our Solar System itself, are but miniscule aspects of a vast array of dancing particles. In the meantime, arguably, we know more about the workings of the universe than that of the mind. 20th Century man’s arrogant view that we knew almost everything, and what we didn’t know would soon fall into place, begins to look distinctly shaky as chaos theory, multi-dimensional maths, and quantum physics redefine our current view of reality. Researchers in the 1960-1980s found a distinct different in the way the two halves of the brain functioned.
But still we know absolutely nothing about how this marvellous bunch of cells and grey matter works. What then when you get an intuitive tool, say a tarot pack, which can be used purely as a way to open the intuition? Having painted The Intuitive Tarot between 1973 and 1981 it is, naturally enough, my favourite. You will find my spiritual advice never failing on all concerns of your life and it will guide you towards the peace,prosperity and true love.I always verify the answers through my own spirit guides who always help me to address the different situations to produce the good results directly.
Ill Dignified or Reversed – Spiritual and mental confusion, loss, discord, treachery and sorrow.
If you enjoy the cards used on our website please click on our Tarot Deck Resource page where you can purchase these Tarot Decks from Amazon. Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. The Personal Journey layout is for discovering who you are in your soul.  Learn more about your mission in this lifetime, where your destiny is leading you and what spiritual help you are receiving from the other side to aid you on your path. The Know Thyself layout is designed to help you see yourself more clearly – see how others see you.  How do you think, feel and act with regard to a particular situation?  How are you affecting the outcome of the situation? The Conflict Resolution layout is designed to help you more clearly see the circumstances surrounding an issue within your relationship and how it can best be resolved.  Learn what needs to be done to move forward.
This Occupational Oracle gives an overview of your current occupation.  Learn how you feel about your job, what you desire to have happen and what might be standing in your way.  What does the future hold for you with respect to your career? The Occupational Decision Tarot Reading helps you decide whether or not to change jobs.  Discover more about benefits of change as well as reasons to stay where you are.
The Collaboration Tarot Reading takes a look at a project you may be considering to undertake.  Discover mistakes before they are made, and learn what kind of positive contribution could come from this work.
Trying to decide between two possibilities?  This reading lays out your options and shows you what to expect from each.
The Decision Tarot Reading analyzes a situation and discovers what has helped the situation come about, possibilities for doing something to change it – or not, warnings and advice. The cards used in our Free Online Tarot Card Readings are a combination of several different Tarot decks. By having patience, things will unfold in their own time and we will soon be celebrating in true 3 of Cups style. However a friend of mine looked over what I had written and added a few extra and very valuable suggestions. So the delays of the Hanged Man proved to be very valuable in our quest for 3 of Cups celebration.

I am a UK based Tarot Author and Coach, with over 20 years experience of reading tarot cards.
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The pillars are from King Solomon’s temple, can also be male and female- she sits in the space between them, opening, gateway.
Moon crown- Egyptian Isis mother of Horus- moons either side and sun (Horus) in centre waiting to be born, also 3 phases of moon- waxing, waning and full (or new).
Trust your intuition, tap into your inner guidance system through relaxation and meditation. The High Priestess can represent a third party in a love triangle or an undisclosed third party, who has an impact from a distance on a business relationship. The only criticisms have come from people who know little about tarot or the culture that birthed this particular deck, and they have been interested enough to research what I told them about it. You may see a person, scene, colours, auras, past lives, and visions of the past, present or future – they may be as if you’re watching a film, or still photos. These are usually inaudible to the normal hearing range, but can also appear within your voice, sometimes as a voice very different from your own.
It may be a gut feeling, or sense the body issues of someone either with you, or close to you.
Perhaps the whole of existence is merely consciousness, perhaps part of some Meta-consciousness some might call Divinity. In our materialist, rational world, we find intuition extremely difficult to explain, let alone describe how it works – and yet we are use intuition to a greater or lesser degree. Mystics and artists have of course been saying much the same things as the quantum physicists for centuries. Synapses, electric currents, hormones, chemicals, and somehow it metamorphoses into intuition and creativity, logic and amazing mental prowess. I always use it for readings except at medieval fayres, where I use Kat Black’s Golden Tarot. Furthermore, according to my knowledge and experience, I could REUNITE you with your LOVER and could remove all the block which caused you unhappiness.Are you confused,depressed and unhappy?
Interpreting the Tarot takes many years of practice; depending upon the way in which the cards fall or are laid out in a spread has great bearing on their individual meaning. There are likely to be delays in things happening, however it is all good and this is not a time to be fighting against the tide of events.
Greg had tried to sort out one lot of official paperwork, however that got delayed because information was missing. My singing was absolutely rubbish and Stephanie (14 year old) and I got totally wiped out in the singing competition with Greg and Jacqueline (12).
Through my online and offline courses, books and programmes, I teach people how to read tarot cards for themselves for fun and personal growth.
As an artist, I know that some folks really get my work and love it, and others probably think it’s a load of baloney.
So the deck is already doing its job, and I am really looking forward to being able to post images of it!
The client is often someone who has done a lot of work on themselves so is very aware; or they are pretty psychic themselves.
But ancient humans probably used intuition to live by, sensing where the animals were running and, possibly, connecting with the animals themselves to check which beast to kill. As for human consciousness – well, physicists consider now that the mind must be understood as part of a quantum system: in other words, the function of the mind operates along quantum principles, not through the usual physical laws, but we are still waiting to hear whether we can progress past the theory to the implications of this statement. If we wonder about the origin of such revelations we would probably say they are creative and intuitive. No wonder physicists think it’s a quantum function: in normal physical law consciousness probably can’t be explained at all.

Intuition, when we come down to it, is just a matter of listening to a different voice – the one that says ‘move!’ when someone steps too close, or ‘no’, when we think about an unsuitable projected action; the one that wakes us up when we’ve forgotten to put the alarm on, or the one that warns us through a wordless ‘feeling’ that someone we meet is up to no good. I show people how to read tarot cards in order to develop Intuition and Creativity, understand themselves and others and develop empowered decision making skills.
I work in an esoteric bookshop in the centre of London and one day I noticed a post card with an image that stopped me in my tracks. Chatting to John Matthews after the presentation, I mentioned my interest in this icon, only to find that he had wanted to do a deck based on these sorts of images for a long time. The Intuitive Tarot has passionate fans, but there are a lot of people who don’t like it at all.
So for example, with the Lovers: with one reading the card will be about change, about growth, and about becoming mature. And then, it’s like a path opens up onto a different plane altogether, and information floods through. Their cave art reflects the psychic link they felt with the natural world, and it could well be similar to how we work with in the tarot. We might add that they come from the wellspring, or the collective unconscious, or right brain, or some other term.
I use it in this blog because, for a start, I own the copyright, but also because the illustrations enable me to describe the card meanings more clearly.
You might only discover the right questions to ask through meditation or by paying attention to your dreams. For another reading, it might be about a relationship that has become too stifling and the client needs to move away into the big world. But they have a different flavour to the normal rational consciousness, which calculates and cogitates, functions in the outsider world. Our left brain discounts it for a number of reasons, all ostensibly good; but later, we may well regret ignoring what our intuition has been whispering.
As I started using them, the interpretations often changed with the individual client, and over the years layers of meaning were added. I will at once provide you the in-depth reading that will help you to see the clear picture and provide you the better understanding about what is happening in all areas of your life.In my readings I will tell you what I see as truth without caring those things that you want to hear.
And the people who love it are impressive – they look deeply into life, are knowledgeable and insightful, and have usually done quite a bit of self-awareness work.
I think this question is one I must put to other tarot readers and psychics to discover how they see it. In problem solving, for example, we may think we are using our left brain to pull together various different facts. Dreams are a symbolic language – something that I believe our earliest ancestors understood very well, but the key to which we have mislaid. I have experienced each of the Major Arcana, though I’m still working on The World, and unfortunately will probably never have the courage to surrender completely to The Moon!
He wrote a proposal and I started researching the imagery, and found that it all fell into place, like magic. Those synchronicities – those meaningful coincidences that keep on coming until you take notice! The tarot even has a card that tells us that we need to rethink everything we’ve been taught. If we ignore this wake-up call there’s an even more powerful punch to the psyche that the universe often delivers in the shape of the Tower – the lightning strike of divinity, which destroys our current reality.
The archetypes of the tarot speak to us in many different ways: through our eyes, our hearing, our bodies, and our senses.

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