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ASTROLOGYAstrology is an ancient way of comprehensive knowledge of the stars and insight into the effects of the planetary placements in our lives.
TAROT CARDSPoonam Sharma’sTarot card readings helps you in finding solutions, guidance, and remedies and in getting a clear view of life. Geopathic StressGeopathic Stress is caused by energetic vibrations of the earth the viberations which arise in the core and then get distorted by the blurry electromagnetic fields created by underground water currents, certain mineral concentrations, subterranean electrical wiring, fault lines, abnormal disturbances et al. NumerologyNumerology is the study of numbers and their energetic powers to affect our personal characteristics and lives’ events. Poonam Sharma’s Tarot Card readings help you in finding Solutions, Guidance, and Remedies while providing you a clearer view of life.
In the most distressing times when you are confused and do not know what decision to make, tarot helps you as a friend and a guide. Find out how Tarot Cards guide you for your future, your course of action, waiting period, and making the right choices; discover how Tarot Cards help you in your decision making related to career choices, selection of partner etc.
You can get a Past-Present-Future Tarot Spread, One Card Tarot Spread, Love Tarot Spread, Obstacles and Solutions Tarot Spread, Chakra Tarot Spread, Astrological Tarot Spread etc. Vastu Shastra – ‘Science of construction’, is an ancient doctrine which consists of precepts born out of a traditional view on how the Laws of Nature affect human dwellings Perhaps the earliest known holistic design system of the world, Vastu combines the physical elements of design with the spiritual aspects. Astrology is an ancient language of comprehensive knowledge of the stars and an insight into the effects of the planetary placements in our lives. Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic powers to affect our personal characteristics and life events. In a lot of cases, houses and business places are extraordinarily constructed with the best interiors and the whole gamut, but the basic design ignores the enormous power of space – its ability to adversely and beneficially influence your life. This hawan Kund contains natural herbs that are used in Yagyas for purification of environment.
You dont have to pollute the environment.The fire and the smoke takes the message high up to the sky.
Try a Tarot reading with Poonam’s Special Tarot Deck and you’ll be surprised at what you discover! You can get your Tarot Reading done on phone, Tarot Reading via email and Tarot Reading on Skype.
The truth is that nobody actually knows where the root of Tarot cards is or simply how old the practice of interpreting the cards is. Benefits of learning Tarot online for FREE are said to be several; however, taking the fullest advantage of it just relies on how you’re able to perceive the art. One of the most noticeable advantages here is that the cards do inspire & encourage a person to achieve the objectives of life, regardless of how difficult the life scenarios can be.

Plus, the cards’ interpretation also acts as an eminent guide – one of the most charming rewards of studying Tarot.
Generally, Tarot cards are divided into 2 main groups: 22 cards of the Major Arcana and 56 cards of the Minor Arcana.
Color Tarot Cards Nov 07, 15 09:40 AMColor tarot with these free downloadable cards and discover the power of colors in tarot images.
Both Happiness and write two lists of adjectives that card reading online or in person, there. Since the origin of our civilization, we have looked up to the cosmos as a source of inspiration and guidance. The distorted vibrations reach disturbingly high frequencies and then manifest in the form of diseases, illnesses, discomfort and depleted energy in humans, plants and animals. Do these spaces, which constitute the better part of your life, enhance your life and positively affect your relationships with your family, your guests, your colleagues or your clients! Experience a glorious light of revelation about your problems with Spiritual Master and Diviner Poonam! It helps you create living spaces that harmonize the rhythms and dynamism of nature with the inner self.
Vastu uses the ancient wisdom of holistic design and spiritual cognizance to heal the discomforts of ill-constructed spaces and to design the interiors, optimally using the power of space. While their origin still keeps a mystery, practitioners often find it hard to resist their allure.
A lot of individuals suppose that Tarot tool is also applied as a means to anticipate the upcoming events.
At the end, practicing Tarot may help to discover what insightfully to do to gain set goals, believe in your ability, remain beneficial every time, and attain yourself-confidence.
Thanks to the great support, the sufferers are in a position to make brilliant decisions, lead their relationships towards a greater level, and relieve selves from strong pressure and tension. While the Major Arcana is hold to foresee big changes or events in one’s life, the Minor Arcana is primarily used to offer the more in-depth outlook. Online Tarot Card Reading In HindiWe all know that the life is the quest – quest for something unknown and unexplained, right?
Printable Tarot Cards - Make Your Own Tarot CardsWith these free printable tarot cards you can make your own tarot card deck. For ages and through numerous civilizations, astrologers observed and recorded associations between the movements of the heavenly bodies and the patterns of our life.
From the wonder of Tarot to the precision of Astrology, from the art of Dowsing to the science of Numerology– here you get it all!

Numerology fundamentally functions on the sum of numbers in your birth date & the numerological equivalents of the letters in your name. Do they arouse a feeling of warmth and comfort or do they make you feel ill-at ease or adversely affect your endeavors and relationships?
Career Tarot Spread, on the other hand, guides you whether you should take up a particular job or business etc.
For ages and through numerous civilizations, astrologers have observed and recorded associations between the movements of the heavenly bodies and the patterns of our life.
It fundamentally functions on the sum of numbers in your birth date & the numerological equivalents of the letters in your name. The cards of Minor Arcana are often spread out, just like a pack of standard playing cards.
The ancient astrological developments have proved the correspondences, on different levels, a holistic relationship between life on earth and the heavens. Interestingly, numbers and mathematical principles are basis of many other forms of divination, including Tarot and Astrology. Or do they make you feel ill-at-ease or adversely affect your endeavours and relationships? But others also put trust in a belief that the Ancient Egyptians read and illustrated the first deck.
But there is still a key difference: the 4 symbols of the Minor Arcana are the Hearts, the Swords, the Pentacles, and the Wands.
Online One-Card Tarot ReadingTarot cards are being applied for prediction and divination over years ago. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Numerology is a way to begin your self-exploration and enhancement! Although it seems tough at first to dig deep into the meaning of these beautiful cards, actually, they’re really simple to read. It’s a must to keep your mind open and learn the ways to boost your intuition for the best result. Whereas the Rider-Waite Tarot is considered the most well-known deck of cards, another famous one is the French pack, referred to as the Tarot de Marseille. Online Tarot Reading GeneratorThere are a myriad of different things you’re able to learn from Tarot Reading Generator Online.

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