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The Mystic Eye Tarot reading program features four fabulous tarot decks to choose from, and four different type of spreads! Intuitive reading sessions are intended to support your own process and assist you in creating positive change in your life. As an intuitive reader, I do not claim to know what is best for you, nor can I know the many possibilities that could arise from your choices and actions. As an intuitive reader I do not offer counseling, diagnosing any health issues, nor do I prescribe medicine.

This deck gives more insight into inner issues that you may be having and has a much more gothic feel than the traditional tarot decks.
You are a powerful being with creative potential, and a part of living with this powerful, creative potential is owning responsibility for your own life and actions.
I can look at as many possibilities as time allows within a session; however, each choice is ultimately your choice, and you are the one who must live with the changes you have created. If you need medical attention or psychological care, I encourage you to seek out that care.

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