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Faire une derniere plantation en fin d’ete et proteger sous cloche des les premieres gelees pour rofiter de persil tout lhiver.
Tailler en juin les varietes a gros fruits, on coupe la tige principale au dessus du 3eme bouquet de fleurs. Meme si les feuilles ont gelees on peut les consommer, elle retrouvent leur croquant une fois plongees dans l’eau. J’ai teste : Le « shampoing » avec des poudres dimanche 24 janvier 2016 La Dinde Chiante :DTeinture !
Lenovo has launched the Moto G4 and G4 Plus smartphones at its event in New Delhi just now, the devices will initially go on sale in India and Brazil before expanding to other markets.
This morning, a render of the much anticipated OnePlus 3 flagship phone (pictured left) has been making the rounds on the internet.
This month, prop maker David Goldberg shares with us his build of a studio-scale replica of the Death Star laser tower from Star Wars.
If you have more student loan debt than you can handle, you might qualify for income-based repayment (IBR). Phantom Brave [official site] will be the next old JRPG that Disgaea publishers NIS bring over to PC. Visual Center is a website that takes an image and attempts to find its compositional center point. As Boing Boing U's Assistant Deputy President of the Committee on Neighborhood Communications and Principal Vice Liaison to Interdepartmental Technology of the Subcommittee for Academic Communications, I insist that we form a committee to investigate whether the "web site" University Title Generator constitutes unacceptable bait speech. Last June, SoundHound revealed its plan to provide answers to more than just your music queries. We’ve written about Escher-esque puzzle game Manifold Garden [official site] before but only under its previous name, Relativity, I think. The BBC has announced plans to close a string of sites and services including BBC Food, which hosts more than 11,000 recipes. Most of the money things you need to deal with happen on a regular basis, and you can usually move most monthly due dates. Along with the standard Galaxy S5 and - more recently - the S5 Plus, the Marshmallow update is now making its way to another variant of Samsung's 2014 Android flagship: the Galaxy S5 LTE-A. This Harvard-made 3D printer can create complex metallic objects other printers can't.
As someone who writes a lot about esports it feels weird how strange and incomprehensible I still find StarCraft and StarCraft II [official site]. A credible leak seems to have disclosed the start and end dates for 2016's Steam Summer Sale.
I heard a big rumbly truck driving down the street and looked to see what it was and realized they were stopping in front of our house!
She did miss a day of day care but it resolved within a few days and she's back to her normal self. Creator Max Galka writes that it covers 1820 to 2013 and that each dot represents 10,000 people.
It started in PlayStation 2 in 2004, jumped to Wii in 2009, then PSP, and will finally call round our way this July.
It works well with designy images that have an obvious geometry to them and well-defined shapes to find and center — think logotype surrounded by whitespace.
It did just that with a universal search app called Hound, software with a feature that aimed to take on the likes of Siri and Google: voice commands. I wanted to make sure we noted the name change but also was happy for an excuse to post lovely gifs from the game as it’s progressed! But now that the company is offloading the Seattle Mariners, it’s ready to get back into showbiz.In an interview with the Asahi News, one of Japan’s biggest newspapers, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima pointed out that when companies license out their characters for movies, they don’t directly spend money and mentioned how the “picture” or “image” business would be a new venture after the Mariners sale is finally closed. While you’re at it, go ahead and pick one day a month to be the day that you catch up on all your finance needs.As personal finance site My Mixed Up Money explains, having a single day a month where you deal with your finances makes it easy to get everything done at once. See, instead of spitting out one layer over another, the machine was designed to ooze out metal that immediately freezes solid.
I can sort of follow them but the intricacies are lost on me so I am mainly covering this Legacy of the Void [official site] 3.3 patch about co-op missions and the like because the gif on the site makes it look like Abathur is taking to the stage to deliver a talk about sales figures or something. During the event, users can purchase big-name titles and popular games with significant discounts.

Some recent activities have been strawberry picking, a family festival complete with rides, face painting, and a pie eating contest, and something called Free Fun Fridays where there is free entrance to select museums on Fridays throughout the summer.I also get good tips from daycare, Miss Christine mentioned that there is a place near here that is an indoor play area that includes a miniature grocery store, craft area, miniature post office. Too bad the weather has been complete crud since it was put in and we haven't been able to use it. Today, he dives into the fabrication of the tower and laser cannons.While the some of the materials and construction methods used to build the original Death Star Laser Tower filming model are not known, it was most likely made of a core structure of either wood or Plexiglas covered with panels cut from styrene sheet. More importantly, it takes the stress off for the other 29-ish days of the month:One day a month (always the last or first day), I spend time reviewing my finances.
You won’t find new releases, but there’s a decent selection of classics that make it easy to catch up on all those books the new releases are based off of anyway. Anyway, we got walloped with the surprise Nor'easter last week and my whole town basically lost power. I can pretty much just look at it to be able to tell what to do so I think I'll whip this up for her to wear in Fall.
We bought a fire pit and we have a little bistro set that we used on the deck of our previous apt.
I didn't have any make up on and still had my jams on which is ok because it was just a tank top and yoga pants.With all of the planning for M's birthday, I really forgot about it. The original model also had a mechanical armature and motors inside it that would rotate the turret and move the barrels to simulate firing at the Rebel X-Wing fighters. You enter in a handful of information about your total debt, income, family size, and other pertinent data, and the tool gives you an estimate of what your monthly payment would be on an IBR plan.The calculator assumes your family size will be the same throughout your repayment period and that you have unsubsidized federal loans. Also, it sounds like it’s about duffing folks up by summoning ghosts into trees and starfish?
For example, you can listen to almost every one of William Shakespeare’s plays, including tragedies like Hamlet and Julius Caesar, comedies like Much Ado About Nothing and Taming of the Shrew, and historical dramas like Henry V and Richard III.
They have an infant play area but it's pretty much what our library has but I'm curious to see what the place is all about and to see if it's something we might revisit as she gets older. And it's not like I planned anything major, it was mostly just forcing him to finally decide on his birthday meal and dessert, but I guess between birthday planning, mothering, working it slipped through the cracks. Heartstringcrochet’s full selection can be found on his DeviantArt and at his bigcartel shop.Dayshot is an image-based feature showcasing some of the prettiest, funniest game-related screenshots and art we can find. On top of that, we desperately need to get to Costco today, we are running out of diapers and wipes! We tried to revive her with a feeding but she was pretty much all set with the fishies for the day. It will also tell you how much you can expect to pay, total, considering your interest rate. It looks very sexy.You can also use this day to do things like audit your bills to see if you can reduce them, or call companies to dispute charges and whatnot. Scott Fitzgerald’s American classic, The Great Gatsby in its entirety, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, H.P. I was very uninspired by anything at Target this year and knowing she wouldn't be going trick or treating didn't help me in the motivation department to venture beyond Target's red walls.
After being gouged $18 for parking, and that was the validated rate, we headed home to pack for the other adventures of the weekend. Once you’ve gotten into a regular routine of paying all your bills, double-checking your budget, and making any changes you need on the same day, it will be hard to forget. Lovecraft’s terrifying Shadow Over Innsmouth, and Brave New World read by the author, Aldous Huxley, himself. I think A will have fun answering the door and seeing the other kids; I think she'll be ready to go next year.
It doesn’t necessarily need to be Hollywood and once it’s been decided where it will be, then at that time, we can talk about it.
When your bills and paychecks are scattered throughout the month, it’s easy to miss something because there’s always something else right around the corner.
It’s worth mentioning, however, that the free tier of Spotify allows on-demand, ad-supported listening on your computer or tablet, but shuffle-only on your smartphone. Most of M's extended family have not met A yet, so the whole family was coming over on Sunday.
This material is similar to the fiberboard found at most home center and lumber stores except that it has a smoother surface and a denser, more consistent core. That means audiobooks are probably not ideal for smartphone listening if you don’t have a Spotify Premium account.Radio DramasBefore TV, there was radio drama, and it was glorious.

She was great in the car, pretty much slept the whole way, waking up just before our usual pit stops and then falling right back to sleep when we got back in the car. Fortunately, a lot of old radio shows have been saved and are still available for your listening pleasure. The naps in the pack and play were dicey the first day, and she cried off and on for the first hour after going down for the night but then she was fine.
If funds flow in this year, I’m saying I’d like to put that money to use, and I’m not saying I’d like to use it five years in the future. You can listen to some sci-fi greats like George Orwell’s radio version of 1984, multiple volumes of the Twilight Zone radio show, and some of Isaac Asimov’s best radio works, like Hostess and Pebble In the Sky. The next day, she napped much better, charmed the pants off all of the family, and avoided her usual day 2 meltdown. The .dxf files are imported into the program where the various cutting depths, speeds and bit sizes are determined. You can also find some great mystery shows like Dragnet, and some vintage superhero stories from the likes of the Blue Beetle. She went to bed without any issues and actually slept straight through ( I think part of the reason for the success is that she can't drop the pacifier out of the side of the pack and play like she does with the crib). V Carve calculates and exports the "G-Code" which is a standard machine language used to control CNC machine.
If you’re looking to laugh, I personally recommend the Baby Snooks show.Language LessonsYou don’t need to fork over $150 for Rosetta Stone to get started learning a language.
The ride home was fine, she slept for only 45 minutes of it, but I sat in back and played with her and we successfully avoided any major meltdowns. In the end I had a stack of parts, my own kit, ready to assemble!MDF is a wood product and can be glued together easily with carpenters glue. You can listen to horror classics, like The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe and The Signalman by Charles Dickens. The precision of the computer cut parts ensured that everything went together cleanly and accurately.In order to be able to get into the turret for assembly I wanted the bottom panel to be removable.
This was achieved by 3D printing corner brackets with angled sides that could be glued into the inside corners. According to Kimishima, “of course” Miyamoto would be involved, because for games, he’s worked with many other producers, helping them develop and giving guidance as to how to use Nintendo’s IP.
You’ll even find short stories read by Benedict Cumberbatch, Cillian Murphy, and Neil Gaiman with Amanda Palmer. The printed brackets had little hexagonal pockets into which hex nuts were glued, which in turn allowed for the bottom panels to be held in place with flat head machine screws.The assembled casework for the tower is of a really impressive size! And the CNC routed panel lines are really clean and sharp.The curved tracks alongside the laser barrels were made by first cladding CNC cut pieces of MDF with styrene sheet.
For the full experience, however, check out this playlist of poetry read by the poets themselves. On top of the styrene were glued short pieces of Plastruct ABS plastic Tee structural shapes, the same material that was used on the original model. All you need now is a good cup of coffee.Famous SpeechesIf you want to get better at public speaking, it helps to emulate the great speakers of history.
Spotify has famous speeches from Martin Luther King, Jr., lecturer Joseph Campbell, and astronaut Neil Armstrong. I was only able to purchase one of the vintage Mig kits on EBay so it was necessary to make a silicone mold of the engine part and cast the two pieces needed for the model.The slotted tube sleeves were cut from plastic tubing available from Plastruct.
To cut the eight slots in each tube I leveraged the power and precision of computer modeling, 3D printing and CNC routing.
I design a jig fixture comprised of 3D printed octagonal end buttons which fit into the ends of the cut piece of Plastruct tubing and were held in place by a length of threaded rod and a couple of hex nuts.This assembly was then clamped into a set of matching 3D printed cradles which in turn fit into rectangular pockets milled into a MDF base plate on the CNC.
There’s a wide variety of meditation guides to choose from, but in general, they’ll each lead you through calming stretches and breathing exercises, as well as provide helpful mantras to center on.
Many are short, and perfect for a busy workday, or a relaxation session at home after work.But what if you want to, say, learn how to study more efficiently, or get tips for training your cat? A little bit of clean up with a square needle file to sharpen up the corners and the sleeves were done.The bases of the laser canons were first 3D modeled in Rhino and then broken down into the component pieces, the same way as was done for the MDF tower casework.

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