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Based on sales made during the 2009-10 academic year, IU students will be able to save more than $3 million annually through a new rental program at the IU Bookstore, according to university officials. These savings will be made possible under an updated agreement between IU and Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, which has managed the bookstores on all IU campuses since 2007.
Under the updated agreement with Barnes & Noble, the most popular books -- comprising about 30 percent of titles sold -- will be available to students to rent at about 53 percent below the new textbook price. IU Student Body President Michael Coleman"It is great to hear that the university is establishing programs to save students money in this hard time for the university, families and students," said IU Student Body President Michael A.

The updated agreement also specifies that the IU Bookstore will seek to be a leader in speeding the introduction of e-books and other online materials and make $2.2 million in capital improvements at its Bloomington locations by August 2011. After a thorough review and analysis of several proposals from book distributors, IU signed an agreement with Barnes & Noble in 2007 that gave the company management responsibilities for all of its bookstores.
The total amount of savings could rise to more than $4 million when coupled with another program, also scheduled to begin this fall, which will reduce the price of new textbooks.
Additionally, the IU Bookstore will reduce all new textbook prices, which will save IU students nearly $1.5 million per year, according to IU officials.

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