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Many of us gave up practical jokes in grade school (or maybe college), or we just trot them out for April Fool’s Day. You may not have heard of a fortune teller before but that may be because you were never a ten year old girl. So when my origami loving nephew decided he was tired of making Kusudama flowers and origami cars he wanted a new folding project to try out. He gave me some line about how he went to see one at the circus and she told him he would be rich and and lose an ear to a donkey or something, so yeah, he’d played with a fortune teller. Since I was pretty sure that he didn’t know what I was talking about I was more than happy to introduce him to a little piece of paper that would tell him everything he needs to know about his future. With the darker side still facing down, fold each corner up to meet the very center of the paper.

When you pinch your fingers together it will naturally form the shape of the fortune teller.
I remember doing those fortune tellers in school, maybe fifth or sixth grade… But it is nevertheless the only origami-thing I remember until today.
You’ll be able to easily eyeball it because this is where all of the lines intersect from your folds. If it is blue, spell out B L U E, while moving the fortune teller 4 times (the number of letters in Blue)Now get the person to choose one of the numbers that are shown in the centre of the fortune teller when you finish spelling out the colour. My nephew thought it only made sense if one side of the flap was something good and the other something evil.
When you stop let them choose one of the visible number and read the fortune under that flap.

Sadly one time when I was in a cleaning mode I got rid of almost everything including the old suitcase.
In the fervor of cleaning or organizing, I totally miss the ship and toss away something precious or valuable. You would move the fortune teller 3 times.Then the person should choose a number from the ones showing this time.
It would really be fun to read these and see if I even remember what seemed so important to tell my friends to risk the teachers wrath if we got caught passing notes.

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