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The goal of his study was to determine if there is a link between marriage lines (relationship lines) and the frequncy of marriage.
Surprisingly, the results of the study indicate that marital frequency is proportional to the numbers of marriage lines!
Paode's palm reading marriage line study is based on an American population (N=232), where 76% procent of the studied subjects aged above 65 are being reported to have been married only once in a lifetime. However, the details also report that some people who have only 1 marriage line actually got married up to three times and some people who have 4 marriage lines actually got married only once.
Despite Paode's study confirms a link between marriage lines and the number of marriages that people get involved with, one can also conclude that the link does not work for many (if not most) individuals. Even though relationship lines represent a very popular feature in traditional palmistry (especially in Eastern countries), many palm readers & hand analysts today actually have become aware that these lines often (usually) turn out to be unreliable.
The vertical lines (not to be confused with a 'forking' of a marriage line) that are sometimes seen on top of these lines are in traditional palmistry recognized to represent 'child lines'.
The picture below describes some classic variations taken from the palm reading & palmistry literature. While processing the info presented above, please be aware that the term 'marriage line' is sort of outdated because there is no (reliable) link between the amount of lines and the number of marriages that people have during a life time.
Multi-Perspective Palm Reading describes that it is likely unrealistic to expect that a reliable assessment for anything at all can be made with just a single feature of the hand - also, other perspectives of the hand need to get involved as well.
While many professional palmists are keen on the 4 core lines (heart line, head line, life line, and fate line), some prefer to study various meanings associated with the tiny marriage line.
What’s more, a line that cuts off the marriage line at the end alludes to the end of the wedlock because of inevitable divorce or death.
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30 Oct by Fritz Mcgowan Leave a Comment Palm reading is the ancient practice of hand prediction. 28 Jun by Fritz Mcgowan Leave a Comment To make the information about Palmistry easier to understand, Palm Reading Chart comes to light as the great assistance for all individuals to self-explore. 14 Apr by Fritz Mcgowan Leave a Comment Among various courses of life such as love, marriage, health, longevity, game, money, career, etc., money is one of the most crucial ones that almost all individuals want to discover. Raj Paode presented a study that represents probably the most interesting research effort on marriage lines so far. Because the number of marriage lines can vary between the right- and left hand, Paode only used the hand which displays the highest number of marriage lines and the people (about 5%) who do not have marriage lines were excluded from the study. In Rajendra Paode's study the majority of people were aged above 65 years (N=126), but the results in that group did not produce much better results compared to the people in age group 30-65 (N=106). The lines are found at the percussion side of the palm below the pinky finger (between the heart line and the little finger). A straight long line is generally perceived to indicate a "good relationship", and if the line is very long (beneath the ring or middle finger) it is said to represent a "soul-mate relationship". Additionally, in the lives of many people relationships come and go like a friendship may come and go - so most people appear to have (many) more 'relationships' than the number of marriage lines of both hands summarized!
Otherwise, if it breaks and resumes with an overlap, you two will be separated for an extended period, and then reunite as expected. Even though the lines on your palm are faint, they are also recognized via the Chart’s guidance.
Every individual wants to grow old with the ones whom they truly love with the whole heart. Bear in mind the simple principle: change your lines, change the reading, and change your fate as well!

Even though the lines on your palm are faint, they are also recognized via the Chart’s guidance. In reference to marital happiness, it is indicated by the little lines that are found below the base of your pinkie. Palm Reading ChartTo make the information about Palmistry easier to understand, Palm Reading Chart comes to light as the great assistance for all individuals to self-explore. It is said that the closer the lines are to the base, the later your wedded horizon is secured. There exist many insightful interpretations around the marriage lines’ shape, length, number, etc. Palm Reading Guide – Know The BasicsKnowing something beforehand is the judicious need of all individuals. By exploring the hidden secrets of your marriage, it is not impossible to keep the thrill of being in love after getting married. In addition, if some lines meet (but don’t across) it, your wedded zone will be fulfilled with children soon. It is informed that more people have to sit under depression and remorse because of their carelessness and unreadiness when things come.
In contrast, if the lines cross the marriage line, the children will be born before the big day, possibly. Free Marriage Tarot PredictionsAre you thinking about having the urge to merge with your Mr.

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