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Palmistry does not involve the study of lines on the palm alone, but also includes the study of the shape of hands, fingers, nails, mounts and other formations, which appear on the palms and fingers.
Palm reading is the esoteric practice of using the lines on someone's hands in order to predict their personality and elements of their future. Here we will look at some of the basics of palm reading as well as whether or not there is any chance of the predictions produced being accurate. However more modern findings have in some cases provided some potential support for practices such as palm reading that look for a link between physical characteristics and personality traits.
For instance it has been shown in some studies that the difference in length between our index finger and our middle finger can in some cases be indicative of higher or lower testosterone, and other studies have demonstrated such findings that suggest individuals with blue eyes and blonde hair may be less assertive than those with darker colorings.

The Nazi's meanwhile believed that they could ascertain information regarding intelligence and personality by measuring the size of a person's scalp and such details as the distance between a person's eyes. The good news is that this is something you can do yourself and it's fairly easy to have some fun with it completely free. There are many apps and computer programs in fact that can make palm reading quite fun, and below we'll look at some of the basics. This line represents your life and how you will live it, so a good life line is one that's nice and long and thus denotes a full and healthy life. Lines crossing all the easy through the life line meanwhile are bad news ? these represent serious health issues such as heart attacks or strokes or maybe broken bones.

Just as a longer line is better, a deeper line might also represent more good health and a more lasting impact left on the world.

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