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Marriage is the ceremony where two individuals of opposite sex perform some rituals to stay together for a lifetime.
Palm reading is the age old practice of telling one’s future by watching designing lines present on the palms. This line as mentioned above is one of the longest line on your palm which starts from outer edge of your palm below the little finger and ends at either below the point lie between your fore finger and middle finger or just below the fore finger. We want to thank you for contacting us through our website and let you know we have received your information. For a successful married life, the general characteristics of both the bride and the bridegroom are that they should have long life span, normal cleverness, good fortune and love towards life mate and family members. If both have a good life line without faults, a moderate head line, a good fate line and a good heart line without faults, the married life will be happy. Besides these general qualities there are some special characteristics, which are to be examined for the successful married life. For a successful married life, the main quality required is respecting the whims and fancies of the life mate and to adjust oneself to suit the occasion. The couple should follow established norms, discipline, discrimination and a methodical approach to face any event in the life. For a successful married life neither of the two should have abnormal qualities or characteristics.
If the fate line starts from the mount of luna, she will have obedience, respect to others and loving nature.
If the fate line starts from the mount of luna and stops just before reaching head line, then she is most obedient and worships her husband as God and serves him well irrespective of his merits and demerits. On the other hand if there is no fate line in the hand of the bride then it will not be possible to assess her behavior and conduct. The palm reading marriage line is a tiny line that has a huge impact on an individual’s life, and is easy to overlook.
The marriage line is located somewhere above the heart line and the base of the little finger.
The heart line is the deep line that runs vertically from the same side of the palm as the marriage line.
If there is more than one marriage line that reveals that the individual will have more than one marriage. A marriage line that begins, has a break, and continues reveals that the individual will marry, incur some kind of separation, then reunite. If the marriage line curves down and touches the heart line this represents someone that has heartbreak tied to their marriage. The significance of the line is exclusive to the person and when meeting someone new, take a look at what their palm has to say before even considering saying the words I do. In valleys of Tibet and Mongolia there is a special berry that the locals use and cherish so much that they honor it in special celebrations that last two weeks each year. If the marriage line starts as a single line and in the middle it is splitting like mirror image of ‘ y ‘. First of all Iwould thanks you to give me this opportunity Then after I have one question in the marraige line I have two lines so can Ihave two wives? I have on my right hand a marriage line that goes off into three branches on my left hand it has two islands that moves straight down to the life line. I have so called fork in my marriage line and its killing me that my husband has two marriage lines .i need to know that we have a same marriage line in same position but his second line is near to heart line where indicated an early marriage between 15 to 20. Can you please tell me career line, coz i am finding hard to get a job, please help to check my career line. I want my husband back n in my husbands palm ther are also two lines bt 2nd line is nt so clear..
I am very worried, on my left palm I have two parallel lines with several X continue joining them at the end going between my index and middle finger.
The sector hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. I have a marriage line wich is well marked and goes into the hand but at the middle breaks into two lines .
Saying that, the person having disable from hands, means the person does not have hands also have a destiny and fortune. Love Life Through Palmistry: There are so many signs in our palm, which indicate towards our love life or love affairs. How To Know Love Life Through Palmistry: Our experts have enough sufficient knowledge that they can tell our users or subscribers easily that how to know love life through palmistry. Predict Love Life Through Palmistry: Our knowledgeable experts may help you to predict love life through palmistry.
How To Know About Your Love Through Palmisrty: Our experts may help you to know about “how to know about your love through palmistry”. A person with more than two marriage lines that are inundated with mixed grain is usually very passionate and constantly involved in romantic relationships.
Splits at the beginning of marriage line, which is underneath the pinky, indicate re-union after separation.

Line Splits at the end of marriage line, which is the end closer to the index finger, indicate separation. Men and women, who have splits on their right hand will unfortunately, experience marriages that end in divorces or deaths of their partners. Women who have splits on their right hand are likely to undergo surgical operations or initiate separation with their partners.
Splits at both ends of marriage line indicate that an individual will experience a hard-to-get marriage that ends with divorce.
Split marriage line with mixed grain indicates high risk of divorce, which could be resulted by exposure of adultery. Two very closely paralyzed marriage lines, with the top line being shorter than the bottom one, indicate the possibility of extramarital relationships. Splits at End of Marriage Men and women, who have splits on their right hand (yes) will unfortunately, experience marriages that end in divorces or deaths of their partners.
And no, don't send me pics of your hands, you have all the info you need to do your own palm reading right now! Everyone has a quality of his or her own and if someone else is appreciating these qualities or love these qualities then the bond is developed between them and this bond could be called friendship or love. The longest line among relationship lines is the marriage line and these relationship lines can be find from the end point of heart line to the point below the little finger.
To assess these qualities, the life line, head line, the fate line and the heart line of both are to be examined. The heart line should be more specific than the head line in the hands of both the bride and the bridegroom. They should not be preoccupied with tension, suspense, hopelessness and pessimistic attitude. As such if the husband treats her with loving care, then the married life will be very happy. Similarly the married life of a couple will not be happy, if both do not have good fate lines. In palm reading terms this means that the marriage line is located at the point of personality. This placement allows the best view of the marriage line that initiates on the outer palm and runs toward the ring finger. If there is only one line, long, and unbroken this marriage line that reveals that the individual will have one marriage, monogamous, no children. It is well documented that many people in those areas live free of common diseases and for well over a hundred years. And our right side line (in that ‘y’ shape) is leading forward and left side line stops there what this means? And our right side line (in that mirror image of ‘y’ shape) is leading forward and left side line stops there what this means?
It’s only gotten deeper in the past year and there are all sorts of fine lines going across, beside and through it. I always thought that if our palm reads a relationship with for example Sanam (and her natures and habits and brakup or whatever) so will her palm even show the same of me?
I’ve read both my left and right hand for my marrige life but both are totally different.
I have all sorts of marriage lines and dont see children lines doed this mean ill never have the child i always wanted. Consequently a second marriage line above it nearly 3-4 mm, bends and join the fork’s lower branch and also an offshoot of second marriage line joins the above line of fork. You can find out how successful your marriage will be by a simple reading of the Marriage line. Palmistry is also known as Palm reading, which is an ancient way to define a person’s future, character, love, money, life and everything. Everyone wants to know the answer of a query about their love life that it becomes successful or not. If your fate line is strong and a line coming from the mount of the moon and combined with the fate line, then love affair will be successfully converted into a love marriage rather than it if after combining the line from the moon with fate line, fate line if broken somewhere then there it would mean that you love life will be ended as breakup or anyhow.
This person attracts friends of the opposite sex and is likely to be involved in one relationship after another. A small split indicates physical separation, possibly due to work-related travelling, while a large split indicates a potential divorce. Each religion has different customs to perform marriage and some of the customs also include palm reading through which marriage prediction is done and perform some rituals if something is hindering in the marriage.
Other love line is among the relationships line which is present just below the marriage line. To have the above qualities it is desirable that both the bride and the bridegroom should have a square hand and square fingers.
If the fate line starts inside the life line(that is towards thumb) or it touches the life line, then she will depend upon her father for her needs during childhood.
One theory is that lines change during the course of a lifetime and the palm reading marriage line could be read differently at different stages of a person’s life.

It extends from the base of my little finger and goes down at an about 45 degree angle towards the base of my thumb near the wrist. On my right I have one deep long line that has no slashes but a hardley visible fork at the end. In reply to Pegah a union line (marriage line) vertical lines enhance the energy of a dominant line. Every one person differs from others as each one has their own qualities, taste, way of dealing, behavior, Love and Affection in short Character and personality. Love line is one of the most important lines in our palm out of five major lines, another four are life line, line of heart, line of head and line of fate. Everyone curiously, wants to know that their love life can be converted into love marriage or not.
Unsuccessful love is also known as affair, there are lines at the side of our hand which predict about our marriage life.
If there exists a (<) fork sign at the end of marriage line, then it will mean that there is a chance of the breakup of marriage life and if the fork is short then it will mean that breakup for some time. He or she may have several marriages and encounter unpleasant life experiences due to his or her partners.
If this love line is nearer to heart line then there is a possibility of having a love marriage otherwise arranged marriage.
If the hands of both the bride and bridegroom contain numerous small and long lines and appear like the web of a spider, then all the above mentioned bad qualities exist for both and as such the alliance will not be successful. If there are 4 or 5 short vertical lines on the mount of Mercury, then they willingly serve others. Naturally after marriage, she will depend upon her husband and if the husband treats her with love and affection and fulfils her desires then the married life will be successful.
Where vertical lines join the heartline and the headline this enhances both and shows that a person is both intuitive and rational. One question that every expert in palm reading generally asked to the accused person that which hand you use for your generally all works, because from both the hands one is active hand and another one is passive hand, experts are interested in reading active hand from which accused person generally work.
Generally a palm contains short straight lines at the side of the hand, which shows about one’s love life that it’s ended as an affair or converted into love marriage. If the marriage line touches the heart line, then the person has love marriage, but there is a chance of death of their partner’s life, if there is another line parallel and longer to it exists then there is a chance of ending in a love affair anyhow and the person goes through arranged marriage. If there is a fork at the start of a marriage line, then there will a chance of a problem either married or unmarried. Lines present on your palm show events and circumstances that would come into your life in future.
Your marriage line and heart line (which is one of the longest line on your palm and it is located below the marriage line) together shows your love or arranged marriage life, and marriage age. The distance from the end point of the heart line (located at outer edge of the palm) to the marriage line gives the idea of the marriage age. So it is a good sign for the couple to have medical stigmata in their hands.Love, affection, delicacy should be in normal proportions for a successful married life. If the fate line starts in the middle of the palm without connection to life line, she will have independent nature. We got married 5 years ago.One year ago he fell in love with a girl and wanted to get divorced but still loved me so much that he wanted to look after me.
Lines present in the area of mount of Venus and mount of Moon are also taken as a factor to know about marriage through palm astrology.
So much so if both bride and bridegroom have long index fingers, one will not care for the other and chaos will prevail. She will try to be independent and she may not behave as per the whims and fancies of her husband. Then wont the people who are arranging the marriage would either be tampering with others fate? Mount of Venus is the area located below the thumb and below the life line while mount of Moon area is located below the heart line or at the ending of head line and life line. So it is desirable to have a normal index finger for good married life or even a short index finger. For a successful married life both the bride and the bridegroom should have a long little finger and well developed mount of Venus.
There were things told to me and people i know and some family as well years ago and it was spot on accurate and took place way after and i was simply amazed (leaving aside the quacks you get around who claim to be palmist just to make a quick buck) Career is even based on laziness and an active and ambitions person.
But yeat all this is all contradictory , we try all what we want but at the end its all that what is meant to be but trying also counts but where the Universal force lies with its strength , no one and i mean NO ONE cant fight Fate and Nature.

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