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Because your life is shown in your palms, along with you character , readings can be incredibly swift, if necessary, for example at large parties and functions, where Sue can work through a crowd,giving accurate past and character readings and give great insight for the future. Email readings will be done as soon as humanly possible,but the amount of readings which are possible in a day is still limited, so Sue asks you to please book a time for the reading, (You do not have to be online during this time) so that she has space to finish the readings accurately for you.
For thousands of years, wise men, sages, philosophers, kings and leaders have all turned to palmistry for answers to these questions.

Just as palmistry has enlightened many before you, you are about to receive great insight into your inner psyche and personal potential! Copy your hand print on a scanner or copier, making sure that you can see  the lines clearly. They are usually not as clearly marked as these examples but they will illustrate the point.

If you seek an answer to a question, keep that question in your heart as you examine the intricacies of your hands!

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