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Tagged broken head line, hand reading, head line, palm reading, palmistry, the line of head. If there is a star sign on Heart line, it indicates that the bearer will face major problem in that age and it may also result to death.
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Curved downwards (see right) - creative, imaginative, sees world in a symbolic way, but more prone to moods, fleeting melancholy or depression.

If a branch from Heart Line touches Head line and there is a star sign at that meeting point, it indicates the same thing as discussed above.
If the head line is islanded or chained the person's thinking can be clouded, or there can be a lack of confidence or insecurity for a period of time.
Commonly found on people working in the creative industries, but also people from other walks of life who may not classify themselves as exclusively creative (e.g. The ritualised session lasted most of the day and was a magical experience (- one I would love to repeat).

It also gives idea about any person’s mental abilities, intelligence, memory, rationality, imaginations, knowledge and all other activities related to mind.

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