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A Fate Line without any defects, going straight and ending at the Heart Line indicates the person will have earnings till his 55th to 58th year. If the Fate Line ends in the center of the palm before reaching the Head Line, it indicates struggle in earnings. If the Fate Line is slightly diverting and moving in another direction, it is an indication that the person leaves the present job and takes decision to join another job or pursue a different career. The branches from the Fate Line moving up represent some promotion or benefits in the job or business. A parallel line to the Fate Line indicates support received from colleagues and friends in the career. If the Fate Line starts from Mount of Moon and there is horizontal line on the Mount of Moon, it indicates earnings in a foreign land. If the Fate Line starts from Life Line or from inside of the Life Line, the person will receive constant support in his career from one of his family members or relatives.

If the Fate Line has a break (stopped) and there is a gap after the break, the person will lose his job.
When the Fate Line has a break and resuming its course parallel to the break, then the person will change the job or department where he is working. If the Fate Line is wavy and there are some breaks, the person will not stick to any one job or business.
So, by measuring the length and taking the same ratio on your life line, you can know the age of anyone.
I have often verified this type of Fate Line in the people who are in Government service and who get retired at that age. He will see failures because of his wrong decisions, especially after his 35th year of age. We see absence of Fate Line in the hands of people who lead a life as manual laborers, rickshaw pullers, coolies in factories, servants, and people doing such menial works. It indicates that the person will come into touch with another person who will help him in his job or business.
The person goes abroad and stays there for a considerable period earning a good amount of money.

He has to spend sometime jobless before getting another job and there will be monetary problems at that age indicated by the gap.
The person will feel unfriendly atmosphere in the office or the person will become jobless for some time. He will change his job frequently and spends his time without job or business for most of his life. Similarly, you can take same ratio on other lines of palm to know the age of happening of different events of life. By observing the Fate Line in both the palms, we can assess when we get the job, when there will be a promotion, when there will be a change in our career and how our earnings will be from time to time. It generally starts any where from the base of the palm and ascends towards the Mount of Saturn under the middle finger. A person bestowed with such a Fate Line will enjoy career progress and good income all through his life.

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