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Palmists believe that almost all hands have three lines—heart line, head line and life line.
A person who does not have a passion for life often spots a life line that runs close to the thumb. A person passionate about life and who lives life to the maximum often spot a life line that is curved.
If the head line is more visible than that of the life line, it indicates that the person is more mentally active than physically. As the name suggests, the heart line represents the state of human heart, both in physical and metaphorical sense.
People whos palms show the straight heart line are more passive in their romance, and they are most content to be the receptor of love, tending to dwell in their love rather than wearing it out on their sleeve. If a person has a heart line that has a steep curve that ends below and between the middle and index finger, it is most likely that he or she has an intense sexual desire.
If the heart line ends under the index finger, most probably the person is really choosy about who they want to go out with. People with this heart line usually have no romance, and are mostly consumed with a crude sexual drive. People with this heart line usually tend to be good welfare workers, as they have a heart for those unhappy people. Two or more branches show that the person has a number of different emotional sides in their nature.
Note: Palmistry research has shown that a successful marriage is often made up of partners who spot similar heart lines. This head line is most commonly found in a person with thinking that is simple and direct to the point.
Most commonly found in people who thinks and give a lot of thought before taking action on anything.
A forked head line indicates that the person has the ability to see more than one point of view. Note: In palmistry a head line that starts under the index finger shows an excellent and brainy mind. If you are curious enough to read your own palm, you may observe the lines in your palms first. Palmistry begins with the obvious and proceeds, by innumerable intricate steps of judgment and interpretation, to extreme details.
When this line curves downwards towards the palm, it foretells the death of the marriage partner. When divided like a fork on the inside of the hand, it indicates separation, but not divorce. When the Line of Marriage curves downwards in a fork with a line crossing to the ball of the thumb, divorce is indicated to the person on whose hand this mark appears.

Then the Line of Marriage cuts down through the Line of Success, the subject will lose position and riches by marriage.
The Line of Marriage ending in a fork with a line from it joining the Line of Heart and the latter curving downwards, indicates a very unhappy marriage—but due to the exacting nature of the person on whose hand it appears.
The Line of Marriage with a line from it running into the Line of Head indicates that unhappiness and disputes will be caused by the opposition of the mental views of the partners as in the case of the different religions marrying together. If the Line of Marriage ends in a cross on the Line of Fate under the second finger, the marriage will terminate on the gallows. If a fine line is seen from time Line of Marriage going upwards into the Line of Success under the third finger, marriage will bring success, wealth and increase of position. When the Line of Marriage is very short and curves upwards at the end, marriage is not likely to take place at any time. The age when marriage will occur is indicated by the position of this line ; the nearer to the Line of Heart, the earlier will be the marriage. Children are indicated by fine but decided small lines that rise out of the Line of Marriage ; strong lines denote boys, fine lines, girls. A magnifying glass is useful in looking for these indications, after some practice very great accuracy can be obtained.
It is a strange thing that amongst the many books written on the Study of the Hand, these lines should be to a great extent ignored or barely mentioned. I consider them not only of the greatest possible interest in determining the future, but also of the greatest importance as a decisive argument in favour of Cheiromancy as regards dates, deaths, troubles and all events relating to marriage. What is known as the Line of Marriage is the horizontal line or lines, as the case may be, on the Mount under the fourth finger. The long lines only relate to marriage, the short ones deep affection, or of marriage contemplated.
An important union or marriage is given by a line rising from the Mount of Luna, and joining the Line of Fate, especially if the Fate Line looks stronger from this point or if a Line of Sun also begins for the first lime. When the Line of Marriage sends an offshoot on the Mount of the Sun, or to the Sun Line, it promises that its possessor will marry someone of distinction or public position. This is not the case, instead of revealing that to you, the life line would indicate the quality of how you live your life. It starts from the edge of the palm above the thumb and runs towards the wrist forming an arc. It also represents the changes in life that may be caused by physical injuries, relocations  or cataclysmic events. They also are of a more aggressive nature with love, they will demonstrate in ways to prove that they are in love.
It starts at the edge of the palm just below the index finger and runs across the palm towards its outer edge. They just go about doing whatever they like, not caring about what other may think of them.

In this case there may never be separation or divorce, but it threatens of a violent end to the marriage – death by violence is usually the verdict of the jury.
On the Line of Fate we can in many cases find the marriage corroborated, and information given as to the change of life, position, etc., brought about by the marriage and consequently the date when such an event takes place. When the Line of Marriage on the Mount of Mercury is distinct but with fine hair lines dropping from it, it denotes trouble brought on by illness on the opposite side. When, on the contrary, the line cuts downwards or breaks the Line of Sun, the person on whose hand it appears will lose position through marriage.
As much as a few really think this very old study to be one of great significance and fact, others think Palmistry to be a way of palmists trying to emerge supernatural. Some palmists claim that it starts from the edge of the palm below the little finger and runs across the palm towards the thumb. It will be noticed from the preceding Plates that from the position of the line on the Mount under the fourth finger, a very fair idea of age at the time of marriage may be ascertained. When the end of the line droops or curves down- ward towards the Line of Heart, it tells that the person with whom the subject is connected will die first. When the line divides into a drooping fork towards the Line of Heart, it tells of divorce or judicial separation.
When there is a short line running parallel and almost touching the Marriage Line, it tells of some deep affection, after marriage, on the side of the person on whose hand it appears.
There has not yet been any qualified association among the lines of the hand and an individual’s character in life, however, this practice prolong to be prevailing and hold a immense deal of meaning to many.
In some cases, the heart line may start below the fingers and run towards the outer edge of the palm.
Contrary to popular beliefs, the head line on a persons palm is often associated with how a person thinks and not how intelligent they are. To gain a close idea of the date, the best plan s to watch the Line of Fate, either for a change in one's position, or for a fine line running parallel with it. This is all the more certain if a fine line crosses the hand from the fork in the Line of Marriage.
When the line breaks in two and curves down- wards, it foretells the sudden death of the person connected with the subject. They are capable to observe the other side of point as well as their possess on the other hand people with Narrow palms are serious and demanding by nature, these hands belong to those who see their own mistake rather than their most traits.

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