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History show that in time many hand reading systems with different purposes became available. Initially the lines of the hand became associated with predictive palmistry & the form and shape of the hand became associated with medical palm reading.
So in general we can safely conclude that in the perspective of medical problems hand signs in general do not have high sensitivity regarding specific medical problems.
For example: Multi-Perspective Palm Reading describes how multiple perspectives (and levels) of the hand are likely required to get involved in any type of hand analysis in order to produce a well substantiated hand reading!
Multi-Perspective Palm Reading sub-divides the hand in 5 major perspectives [skin, function, proportion, palm & fingers] plus 9 minor levels (behaviors, motorics, hand shape, palm shape, finger shapes, skin qualities, fingernails, dermatoglyphics, lines). The continuation of this free palm reading guide provides you the opportunity to explore some fascinating details from the fields of palmistry: you can now start exploring these with this online hand reading guide! This post is part of a series of guest posts on GPS by the undergraduate and graduate students in my Science vs. That sounds like a simple question to most of us, but you would be surprised at how many people in this world actually believe in these types of fortune telling endeavors.
Palmistry is a form of divination that uses the lines in a person’s palms to get details about the individual’s life and personality.
Chiromancy palmistry roots of palm reading can be historically traced back to ancient Greece and Aristotle. With that much history, there must be some scientific evidence that it is actually based on valid principles that can be proven, right? An ancient art with many systems of interpretation, Palmistry is a subject that has enthralled mankind for ages. A must-read for all those who seek a greater understanding of life and the world through this fascinating art. The easiest way to verify it for oneself is by going to a palmist who knows nothing about you.
Palmistry begins with the obvious and proceeds, by innumerable intricate steps of judgment and interpretation, to extreme details of the palm. The author refers to palmistry as an art, a science and a pseudoscience just in the preface alone! My favorite video has to be the one below where Derren Brown takes us on a journey to show just how gullible people are to these types of hoaxes. In his video, Derren Brown – Palm Readers are Fake!, he shows just how easy it is to make people think that you are making a personality reading just for them when really it could apply to anyone. Caleb Lack is the author of "Great Plains Skeptic" on SIN, as well as a clinical psychologist, professor, and researcher.
There is nothing wrong with fortune telling (by palm reading or cookie) as a form of entertainment.
It’s crazy to think that people place a great deal of importance in techniques like palmistry.
I totally get your angle, but I feel like the thing that makes the practice so alluring to people is that they believe and have hope it may be true. As for your rant about psychology, it seems you’ve had some pretty negative experiences and have a very skewed understanding of what psychology as a whole actually is and does.
Always try to be aware: in order to get an accurate hand assessment make sure that multiple perspectives of the hand get involved!
As most of you know, a pseudoscience is a body of knowledge held out to be scientific but it does not comply with the scientific method.
Palmistry is also known as chiromancy which comes from the Greek word “cheir” meaning hand.
Palm reading was widely used throughout the empires and nations of that region, and the east. People read this and amy believe that she is a practicing or licensed physician, which may or may not be true. It is human nature to want to know what is going to happen in the future so we can prepare ourselves for it.
They offer no scientific proof that palmistry works and yet they try to make it sound like a science.
In this comprehensive and easy to read volume P Khurrana, bestselling author and renowned exponent of astrology, tarot, vaastu — provides to the reader a guide to the art and science of palm reading. Those who practice it are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand readers, hand analysts or chirologists.

The information outlined below is briefly representative of modern palmistry; there are many—often conflicting—interpretations of various lines and palm features across various ‘schools’ of palmistry. If he is able to mention a few things that happened in the past and relate them to the present, then you will be far more receptive to what he says about the future.
Conclusions drawn from a palm reading can provide you with answers to questions you have regarding your life.
People hear what they want to hear and believe what they want to believe when it comes to all forms of divination, including palm reading. I guess they aren’t saying only idiots need a guide to palmistry, but it could be taken that way. I bought it because it looked interesting, but quickly realized I spent money on a ludicrous topic. I myself have never had a palm reading done before or know anyone who has, so I have never really looked into palm readings before. I agree with Tim that people are often looking for answers to the struggles of life, but to assume that these people possess supernatural abilities to predict your future is bollocks.
For instance, only psychiatrists (or other physicians) are able to prescribe to prescribe meds, and they do not usually do therapy.
And I don’t think every Psychic and whatnot thinks and knows they are scamming people. Even conflating psychology and psychiatry shows a lack of understanding of the two and the differences therein. Not everyone is properly educated and if they don’t want to be, they are not going ever be.
Some people do not see the harm in these simple forms of pseudoscience and believe them to be purely entertainment.
Many people believe that anything that can be traced back as many years as palmistry must be valid.
The reason palmistry falls into the pseudoscience category is because it is cloaked in scientific jargon and actually referred to as a science in many books and on many websites. You can tell the way she speaks to the woman she is trying to reel her in for a bigger sale. The book The Mystery Of Palmistry (A Guide To The Art And Science Of Palm Reading) actually calls palmistry a science in the title, even though at the same time referring to it as an art. Learn not only how to interpret the lines on your own hands — and those of people around you — but also the ethics and methods of the practice of palmistry. Julius Caesar judged his men with the help of palmistry; By studying both hands—the non- dominant hand (past) and the dominant hand (present)—we can recognize the traceable link between our past behavioral patterns and our present personality, thoughts and experiences. In the past, many distinguished philosophers wrote about and approved of this science, which led us to believe in its authenticity.
One very official looking video I came across was Hand Analysis – Palmistry – Is it Real or Fake? Brown is a British illusionist, mentalist, trickster, hypnotist, painter, writer, and skeptic. It is important that we, as educated people, try to bring out the skeptic in everyone we know so they are not easily fooled.
In reality the fact that there even is a book on Palmistry in the Complete Idiot’s Guide series shows just how popular this particular pseudoscience has become. The idea that having a stressful event can make my eyebrows or widow’s peak change was insane to me. I like to think that the majority of people know that palm reading is fake but I feel like I may be too optimistic. However the extensive history and seemingly complex system of reading does actually make plam readings seem valid.
Good therapists use evidence-based methods (supported by decades of research) to help people work on specific problems in a time-limited fashion, they don’t provide false hope and bullshit guesses and intuition. I know people who believe they have abilities and call out people’s horoscopes and whatnot, with 90% accuracy or so. There are serious conditions and such but it’s totally screwing over lives right now if you ask me. It is commonly believed that palm reading actually originated in India, and has its roots in astrology, I Ching, and fortune tellers.
Her website says you can buy the “Awareness Package” for $2,497 which is a 10 week program (with a $5,432 value).

They do things that ultimately cause the things that have been predicted to actually come true.
The cover is so appealing to the eye, it will actually draw the reader in because it looks so alluring. With this understanding, we can shape our future in a constructive, fulfilling way, making positive choices regarding our work, our dealings with people around us and many other important aspects of life.
But, at the same time, palmistry is an ancient art, and one that has many systems of interpretation. It gives the impression that it may actually provide some kind of evidence as to the authenticity of palmistry, but in the end it is just a way to draw people in to the online palm reading website of Kat Anders where you can get your palm read right over the internet for only $50.
He has become well known for his mind-reading act and though his performances may appear to be the result of some psychic abilities, he does not claim to have such abilities and frequently, as in this video, sets out to expose those who do make such claims as the hoaxes that they are. As the old saying goes, “A fool and his money are soon parted”, so do your best to keep your friends and their money together when it comes to the likes of palmistry. The amount of money that is thrown into these readings is just ridiculous when there is so much information about it being a fraud. However I do agree with you in that most entertain the idea of palm radings, which then becomes misleading to others. The articles section includes a single piece of literature that suggests a causal link between intrauterine exposure of hormones that influence the development of other adult-onset diseases. I know so many people who were completely normal before being all prescribed anti-depressants.
I did it with a friend for the entertainment value, not because we truly believed the palm reader held the key to our future (and it may have had a little to do with the hand grenade I drank beforehand). A Hindu sage, Valmiki, is thought to have written about palm reading several thousand years ago. It is also an intuitive art that can be learned easily, by understanding a few basic things about the symbolism that is represented by the lines that run across the palm, the mounts (or fleshy parts) of the palm and the structure of fingers. Needless to say, if anyone I am interested in dating mentions they subscribe to astrology or anything else in that vein, my intereset immediatley dissipates. I learned that palm reading was fake at a young age after watching Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Palm reading suggests that everyone’s entire life was predetermined and yet having your palm read does not change your destiny.
Am I missing something here, or is this really the only substantive proof for palmistry as a science? From India, it is really believed to have spread throughout the area east and west by word of mouth and practicing palm readers where it eventually reached Aristotle and many others. Sarah Larsen is a world renowned palm reader according to her website, but what exactly is she a doctor of?
Her approach to hand analysis, intuition and healing is described as merging ancient wisdom, science, and spirituality for optimal living and completion of your soul’s journey! You can see where this could draw people in to the trap of believing in this nonsense and paying money for it. Anders’ website says she has a master’s in health education, which again leads credibility to palmistry since she is a practicing palm reader. The problem is that many people do not see the distinction between fantasy and reality and millions of dollars are spent every year on this type of “entertainment”. People think that she must be for real because an educated person like that would not be in the business of ripping people off. Until they come up with a way to physically prove people have these conditions, I think they are no better than psychics. The lower half of the palm represents primal instincts, health and basic drives of the subconscious. Palmistry is all about proportion, symmetry and distortions of what would be considered a perfectly formed hand. Therapists will various attempts at meds, adjust medications, and in the long run there may have never been a serious problem, but now there sure is a problem, the patient has been messed up by every kind of everything, his brain chemistry has been tempered with.

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