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Preflop (150) 1 fold, EP2 calls, 1 fold, MP1 calls, MP2 calls, I fold, Hero calls, SB calls, BB checks.
Flop (600) Q¦  9¦ 5¦ – 5 checks, Hero bets 400, 1 fold, V1 raises to 1,200, 3 folds, Hero? Flop (1,300) A¦ J¦ 3¦ V2 checks, V1 bets 400, MP1 folds, Hero calls, V2 raises to 1,200, V1 calls, Hero folds. The BB was a solid player, opening his share of pots and playing pretty well post flop.  I haven’t seen him make an obvious errors. I hope you enjoyed this series.  Also if you have any hands you would like to discuss as part of these lessons, feel free to post them in the above topic.

Joseph Pregler plays regularly in live tournaments on the East Coast and enjoys sharing his wisdom and experience to novice and intermediate players.
The marriage line is usually cutting the percussion horizontally on the side of the hand between the line of heart and the base of the fourth finger pentrating slightly into the mount of mercury.
In few hands, marriage lines may develop very late (in mid 30s or even later) which indicate late marriage.
Curving upwards : Person could remain single throughout his lifetime or marry only at oldage. Villain 1 is in MP2 and has been playing loose passive.  Villain 2 is in the BB and he is an older man who has been playing TAG.

However the line shoudn’t be too deep or too wide as it indicates a strain in the relationship and a dwindling of affection. Sometimes a second marriage between the two is indicated, or a love affair which takes long time to end up in a matrimonial relation after many seperations.

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