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Here you will be able to find different lines, which exist on hand, their meanings and complete analysis briefly. If the Line of Sun originates from the Line of Fate, the persons will be very successful in whatever profession they choose and will gain all of this from their own personal hard work and dedication. If the Line of Sun starts from the Mount of Mars and does not intersect with any other line, this indicates that the person's attempts in life to achieve something will be fruitful. If the Line of Sun initiates from the Mount of Moon, this indicates the type of a person who achieves success in life only because of others.
If the Line of Sun emerges from the Mount of Moon and travels downwards, such a person is definitely an author by profession. If the Line of Sun is starting from the Head Line, such a person does not require other people to achieve the desired goals. Palmistry originated from Hinduism, the followers of which are always very keen to know about their upcoming life and have a strong deistic belief in the prescience knowledge. Some of the palm readers say reading hand lines is to know about the personality and the worth of the persons, and not to know about the future expectation that how much he succeeds or how much he will lose in the upcoming life.
Usually, people ask if palmistry tells us the fortune of upcoming life, and the most of the people say no because fortune depends on your hard work and efforts of life that how much you make devotion to get the maximum output.
Solely through the knowledge of palmistry, no palmist can make future prediction, until or unless he studies the complete habits of the persons. Both are the branches of conceptual science: astrology is related to the Knowledge of horoscope and palmistry is concerned with the palm studying. Before beginning, it is quite better at this time to mention that there is a marked difference between lines of the two hands, that is the left and the right hand. If there is any deviation from the normal point of its origin or where it ends, the characteristics of that line would also change, causing change in the importance of that line of the human behavior as well. They would have to struggle and work for it but eventually they would succeed in achieving the set goals. They solely depend on their own thinking abilities and mental capacities to overcome the hurdles and fulfil the particular aims. Palmistry is an art and science to know about the life of the individuals after studying their hands and giving them an honest advice. They say left hand shows what the gods have given you in your life and the right hand shows what you need do with it in life.

It's just the knowledge of personal assessment of the people to know about their attitude or behavior.
After studying habit and behavior, he can just analyze the positive and negative feelings of the man. For example, if you design a horoscope of a person to know about their habit, the result will match with that of a palmist about the same person.
While analyzing the hands, it is wise to look at both the hands to keep in mind the difference between these two.
From here, it continues to move ahead, growing stronger or weak until it ends at a pre-defined point. Keeping this in view, it is very important to know about the middle point and the end-point of every line under discussion.
This person possesses sheer dedication and the ability to work in the most strenuous situations. Success will become a part of life at some point but all the hard work that went into it would belong to others. These individuals are critical of their own work, thoughtfully analyzing it in order to get triumph in whatever they endeavours to achieve.
The occult science is related to the supposed action, supernatural power, magic, astrology and is a planned research on the unbelievable phenomena of supernatural concepts.
Both hands are having different approaches towards life; the study of both hands is quite different from each others. It is considered to the prediction of future life, but when you study the palmistry in depth, you would, definitely, be able to know that it's the combination of personality measurements that tells you, how much you would be different in future as compared to the past; how your personality dimensions and thinking style would be changed.
When the palmist will study your particular behavior and its repetition, definitely, he will be able to foresee the most of routine task and future plan of your life. The palm readers who have knowledge of both the branches can accurately define your future behavior. There are rare chances that the lines on a person do not change during the entire course of his life.
Owing to these qualities, the objectives of life are completed without becoming dependent upon anybody else for help. The person is highly dependent on other people in the life and uses them to achieve the personal aims in whatever way possible.

Palmistry is a part of this conceptual science, in which we have to focus on the study that what will happen with us in the near or remote future.
This is because; right hand reflects the norms that have been learnt throughout during the life span of an individual. Although there are minor changes in the major lines of a person, the secondary lines change every now and then. If the Line of Fate represents the success of the person, the Line of Sun enhances that and takes it to the next level. They do not rely on others for support but mostly such people belong to professions, like writing, acting or painting where they require the support and response from the masses for their ultimate success. Future can be known by studying the finger lines, thumb lines, shape of the hands and by studying the hand print lines to get an idea about the future happenings.
It also reflects the hard work and the impact of environment in which one has spent his life.
They not only change according to the changing human circumstances but also according to the changing weather, age and even lifestyle.
Hence, more the people like the work they do; the more will be the chances of becoming famous and successful.
Everybody has different lines on their hand; nobody in the world is having the same palm print on their hand.
This can be understood be the fact that because right hand is used more in delivering the services during everyday businesses, it harbors more power and more capability to do work in an efficient way. Some lines do remain almost the same throughout the lifespan but still have varied crossovers from other lines affecting the temperaments of those unchanged lines.
The motive behind this is that, brain directly controls the working of the right hand; brain translates the idea in it into a more practical form while utilizing the right hand.

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