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A personal horoscope is a world away from the generalised nonsense spouted in many popular magazines.
It is possible that the only ‘astrology’ most people have come in contact with, is that in the popular press, magazines, ‘free astrology’ on the internet, or perhaps by receiving daily ‘star forecasts’ sent to their mobile phones. These ‘personal horoscope’ reports are usually based on the Sun’s location at noon on the Greenwich Meridian.
If it is your birthday and you were born at noon, on or close to that meridian (anywhere along that line circling the world), then, on that day only, the Sun-sign description should be valid for you, but for the other 364 days of the year….. This is what you get in the daily or monthly astrology reports for each zodiac sign in magazines, online and through your mobile. This means that on any one day, of the 7 million people on planet Earth only half a billion people of any one zodiac sign will; “Meet a tall handsome stranger” or “enjoy good fortune” etc, etc.
There are approximately 250 births per minute worldwide, so on the day of your birth there were approx.

These three all-important factors: Time, Date and Place is what creates your unique astrological birth chart, upon which all real astrology is based. It is a map of your life, your personal ‘astral fingerprint’ if you like, and no other person will have the same chart. So, people offered any form of personal astrology chart based only upon their date of birth, should be aware that information given is applicable to the masses and is not unique to them personally. A personal horoscope 2013 should be based on date and exact time and place of birth, or it is too generalized to have any merit.
My personal horoscopes are popular with clients right around the globe, because I track all three of these variables and use them to calculate an unfathomably accurate personal horoscope that is completely unique to them.
I have a variety of professional reports you can choose from or alternatively ask me which is most suitable to gain specific insight into your situation.
Any of these reports is not only interesting to read, you also will recognize your particular traits which helps you develop more self awareness.

Horoscope reading includes a character analysis,discussion of a person's strengths and weaknesses,also a discussion concerning the main areas of the person's life focusing on where the person is holding now and a prognostication for the next two yrs. Your Track id ids the 6-digit number found in the email you received from Future direct when you first purchase the report.
Want to know your personal horoscope which speaks about your characteristics, personality, status and traits?
Of course, this is complete nonsense and has served only to belittle the name of astrology.
It is the angular relationship between the sun and your geographical birth place at time of birth that is all-important.

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