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Similar to vanity plates, these novelties are printed with an individual's name, but unlike vanity plates they are not intended for legal identification of an automobile.Our plates make great gift ideas for any occasion. Personalised number plates are a fantastic way to express your personality, and are a showcase for your individual expression. There an expression of who you are, why should you settle for a number plate that doesn't say anything about you, your personality or your sense of style?

Turned out it was the non-cut-price guy my landlady talked to last year at one stage, then rejected because he sounded (to her) too expensive.
The woman at VicRoads said I’d have to wait until the old one expires before I take off the P plates. These plates are not for registration purposes and are not to attached to any vehicle or road related use.

The most worrying thing is that the (three year) old licence picture looks almost identical to the new one.

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