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There's a guy who posted his Sentinel XS in the "Rate The Car Above You Thread" that had a North Yankton plate. Now that I think about it, were the North Yankton Plates the plates they were talking about? I never really saw any giveaways with the social club event thing, besides special crate drops. You guys are saying that people are using the iFruit app but I dont see how thats possible. I have looked on the internet and to no avail I have not been able to find information on the following two questions. I heard that you can add your personalized license plate after a certain level from a friend, and numerous have claimed to see them.
It'd be great if somebody could clear this up as my search efforts have yielded zilch. Also, you could email them directly, twitter them, or get involved in the real time chats they have on the social club during their online events. I played with this option in the iFruit App, but I have not seen any actual custom license plates in game. I have a custom plate, had to settle for TFIRE because TEQUILA was taken and TEQUILAFIRE doesn't fit.
I changed colors by paying $600 for a standard plate in the color I wanted and then paying $600 again for private and the first plate color stuck.
A Los Santos plate in GTA San Andreas, one of the earliest dynamic license plates in the GTA series. Vehicle license plates are introduced in Grand Theft Auto III with the player's ability to explore in a three-dimensional environment making plates viewable. License plates in GTA III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City are static textures, with all plates in GTA III reading LC R29. License plates are dynamic in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, generating a random 7 character number in the format AB12 3CD, divided into groups of four and three characters. The license plates in Grand Theft Auto V are registered in the state of San Andreas and come in five varieties modelled after the designs of various Californian baseplates: yellow on black (like those used from 1963 to 1969), yellow on blue (like those used from 1969 to 1982), blue on white with the state name in red block capitals over faint yellow stripes (like those used from 1982 to 1987), blue on white with the state name in red italics (like those used from 1994 to the present day), and blue on white with "SA EXEMPT" in red, reserved for emergency vehicles. Custom plates are typically vanity plates featured on special vehicles, such as vehicles belonging to certain individuals or custom vehicles. The unadorned Vice City plate in GTA Vice City, used on most industrial vehicles and low-grade vehicles. A "San Andreas" plate as seen in the first trailer for GTA V, the design of which does not feature in the final game. All I can say is that, for me, since 1.16 the 48-minute lockout has applied to both characters simultaneously. They HAVE changed it, me and many other player are experiencing this, and using this bypass works for many of the players, but evidently not all, and now we find out not everyone is even experiencing the issue. I was just able to swap characters and sell vehicles with both characters WITHOUT the bypass, today, for the first day since 1.16, so possibly it has been hotpatched.

Yes, the people who are failing are failing due to the 10% discount(for "stalking" Elitas at lifeinvaders.). I wanted to ask if Rockstar changed the program to make it so when you explode someone's personal vehicle you don't get charged thousands of dollars any more. I got charged last night, got charged $12,500, but as I always do, since I am nearing broke, I smash that "PS Button" and sign out, then once I get back into Online the kill is still in my stats and the money is back in my bank. I'm not sure if this was before or after 1.16 update, but you get more GTA$ and RP when playing free aim. Yeah, that has actually been around for awhile now, I mean along while, but thanks for keeping those eyes peeled for changes. You can get the NY plate through the hacked IFruit app, the save editor, or Hex Editing a Single player save. I find using Charles to be significantly easier than moving vehicles over from SP, but to each their own.
The only way I know of how to mod North Yankton plates onto a car is to hex edit using a single player save editor, and using the SP to MP glitch to bring it over. Somebody posted the hex IDs for NY plates in the 360 duping thread, go check there for instructions and to request a car with Yankton plates on it. When i did my iPhone 4 it was the only version at the time that could be used with Flex to hack iFruit.
Once the phone is jailbroken you'll need to use Cydia (which is like the app store) to download Flex.
Has anyone had success in getting the other plates into the game or is NY the only one thus far? 3.Now load the game and check that all is right and you have a Yankton car in Michael's garage.
As you see in the picture below, the North Yankton plate isnt even in the app and secondly, I dont see how you could change plates through the app. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. In GTA Vice City there are a few different variants of plates, including a Florida one, however all of them are illegible.
Each of the three major cities in San Andreas have their own plates and some vehicles have their own custom license numbers.
While still more varied than in GTA III and GTA Vice City, the games only offer a limited number of license numbers, with each of them specific to certain vehicles models.
Every vehicle that has a license plate has "LIBERTY CITY" in large blue capital letters, with the exception of the immovable trailers found ingame, which all bear the registration "ON-10N EC". A sixth variety, similar to the 1982-1987 plates but with a more colourful background, is seen in the game's first trailer, but doesn't appear in the final game. Such plates has been seen in use in both GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, but for the latter, they cannot be saved in garages as they will simply revert to a usual seven digit plate.
The only way to fix this is to restart the console, but this will make it so that you cannot swap and sell again.

Because my signature move from GTA4 and now GTA5 is to sticky bomb people's cars, and I lost a lot of money doing that but now it doesn't charge me any more even though clearly I am sticky bombing some pretty pimped up rides. For whatever reason, there have been some lobbies over the past couple of days where I'm not getting charged for insurance or getting a BS warning despite wrecking what are obviously PVs. Those were, as far as I'm aware, normal plates that read 'VESPUCCI' and 'BEACHBUM' and so on. My friend said his plate isn't working online but only works on the story mode side of the game.
What is the email where we can write to see ask rock star to include things we would like to see in the game or can I just tell you? Note, however, that during a session of play, all cars of the same model will have the same number plate (for example, all Landstalkers will have the same plates). A seventh variety, a Yankton rusted license plate, similar to 2001-2006 North Dakota license plate, only appears on vehicles in North Yankton.
Protagonist plates in GTA V and GTA Online can be customized via the iFruit mobile companion app only once, but the customized plate can be given to any owned vehicle. Anyway to avoid the issue with the discount you can purchase one the "cheaper" aircraft before starting the glitch, although still not that cheap. Also a few people are claiming you can still use this to purchase vehicles for free from the in-game internet, but I wouldn't know, and I wouldn't trust them since I thought it got patched many many updates ago.
One last question, it looks like the NY plates appropriately space out the characters on the plate - whereas this never seemed to be the case with the SA plates (at least on SP, my MP plate had the full 8 characters).
I have a short list of things that would be really cool to implament according to a lot of the people I have played with. An eighth plate is exclusive to the Pigalle - the plate is in a European style, with the Lampadati logo to the left. Anyways since this update I have been charged everytime I stickybomb someones vehicle, I wonder what the difference is, what console are y'all using?
Is it true that NY plates will appropriately space out characters on custom plates under 8 characters? I remember having Flex before, but I deleted it because I didn't have GTA 5 then so iFruit was kinda useless, lol. It is possible that the plates were intended to have a letter-number combination, much like the vehicles in GTA San Andreas.
The plate numbers are dynamic, following an eight-character format that consists of a two-digit numbers followed by three letters and a three-digit number (i.e.

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