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Having personalized number plates made for your car is a way of showing your individuality, rather than being subjected to the generic alphanumeric characters on the numberplates of most South African vehicles. Whether it induces groans or giggles, a personalized number plate is a sure-fire way to make you stand out amongst the traffic.
As long as the number plate lettering is not deemed offensive (and as long as no one else has chosen the same digits – not as original as you hoped!), you can choose any names, words, or numbers.
For example, your number plate still has to show your province’s logo and your chosen digits must be displayed in the same way as the other number plates on the road.
Here you will fill out the relevant form to apply for the personalized number plate (the application form SLN1). Use the PLN2 certificate and licensing letter to register your car at a local motor vehicle registering office. As a generalization, dealing with the traffic department can be a relatively slow process so be sure to give yourself enough time when applying. The lines are often long and you may have to wait longer than expected before walking out the proud new owner of your new plate. If you are applying for a personalized number plate as a business, different rules do apply. If you don’t want to go to the traffic department in person, you may also fax or post application forms to the Licence numbers department in Cape Town.
If you would like to transfer or keep your personalized number plate when you get a new car to show it off, you can send an application form, South African ID, and your Traffic Register Number Certificate to the licence number department for them to process. You can then go ahead with the payment and submit proof thereof, and will then be provided with the documentation outlined in Step #4.
If you think your number plate is funny, witty, or clever…please run it by a few objective friends before you commit to getting it! Expressing yourself through your vehicle can spawn much further than furry dice and eyelashes for lights.

Having a personalised number plate that reflects who you are can be a creative way to flaunt your personality. Displaying your initials on a private plate is a great way to uniquely personalise your vehicle without it being overly-obvious to other drivers on the road.
There’s no better way to boost your career, job or business than with a personalised reg to display on your vehicle. Connect your vehicle with its private reg plate when you use these personalised number plate ideas. Katie Price’s has splashed out on a Custom made Pink Range Rover with Personalised Number Plates. The 33-year old model and reality TV star Katie Price is believed to have splashed out ?100,000 on a luxury Vogue car, so it would match with her fleet of pink vehicles. The ?100,000 Range Rover Vogue has been customised by Project Khan in Bradford, who currently has the number plates F1 on his vehicle.
Katie was also quick to add personalised number plates to her new purchase to delay her love for Leandro. AboutSpeedy Registrations is the market leader in personalised number plates and DVLA registrations.
The geeky license plates continue to pop up as those who are not afraid to proclaim their nerdiness on their car.
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Although it will cost you a little more than a regular number plate, getting a more personal one for your vehicle is relatively simple.
However, remember that your lettering must be aligned with normal number plate requirements.
This is usually done on the spot so you can be driving away with your unique numberplate in no time!

Don’t just slip out on your lunch break or you may only be back in time to see your colleagues leaving the office at 5pm! In addition to your ID and Traffic Register Number Certificate, you will also need to bring a Business Registration Certificate.
If your application has been approved, you will then be issued with a letter stating your approval as well as a letter requesting payment for the number plate change, outlining the methods of payment. There are far too many groan-worthy number plates out there making the traffic even more unbearable! Ideas for personalised number plates are wide and varied, but with a little imagination and creativity you can find something that suits your taste. There are thousands of options available and by using numbers to represent letters, the choice is endless!
Embracing the true luxury of your sports car or expensive motorbike with a number plate that expresses a similar vibe to that of your vehicle has never been easier!
The Range Rover features a diamond encrusted clock worth ?25,000, while the wheels, exhaust and pedals have all been changed to aluminium. Obviously we get asked to do all sorts of things to cars but we’ve never been asked to paint one this bright a pink before.
We sell number plates from DVLA, our own extensive stock as well as client owned registrations. However because named number plates are in high demand, they’re often more expensive.

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