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WINNINGMost New York City dwellers can’t even afford a cheap car, thanks to the cost of garaging it.
Source: Above the LawBYG SEXYCaddy drivers are always super sexy, especially the 70-year-old ones. Source: Just a Car GuyPENN LAWBased on the personalized plates on this Ford Focus, that pricey Ivy League law school education did not, in fact, pay off.
Source: Above the LawRNMAKERBentley owners know how to make it rain, and of course they need personalized vanity plates to make the rest of us aware.
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Home Forums Rules Today's Posts Search Forum Quick Jump Porsche Ferrari Lamborghini British Supercars BMW Mercedes-Benz Audi USA Asia General Auto Marine Lifestyle Marketplace Global Chapters Remember Me? I lost the memory card the pictures were on (great excuse I know), but I have seen a mid 90's S70 Volvo with "McBain" on it. But judging by the volume of “look at me” vanity plates that I see on a regular basis, I think it’s fair to say that the memo hasn’t quite made the rounds. But we’re not mad about it… more like sad for you and that personalized license plate that turned your kick ass ride into a douche mobile.

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