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Damn, this thread went way off into left field I was kinda hoping to get more Personalized plate ideas. The New Beetle Experience The place to tell us all about your experiences as a New Beetle driver.
I'm currently waiting on my personalized plate, just mailed out the form a few days ago and now I have to wait 6-8 weeks.
I hope no one mis-uses the information!Mine spotlights some other interests & activities.

I am not smart enough to know how to use license plate data for fraud, but I have heard it can be done. I love to hear and see your creative examples, but I would hate for anyone to be a victim of identity theft.
Front clear corners, Wet Okole seat covers, stubby antenna, dieselgeek short shifter, leather shift boot, dieselgeek aluminum skidplate, interior courtesy lights replaced with LEDs, 16" alloys, old Beetle-style 'meep meep' horn, custom dead pedal, engine cover and interior painted to match blue lagoon exterior.
On most forums I participate in, everyone blocks out their plates.I voiced that concern as well, but posted anyway.

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