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I am trying to decide on a new license plate for my 911 and the one I like best so far is IX XI stands in roman numerals for 9 11. General Challenger Discussion This section contains general discussion about the Dodge Challenger.
It is 9:20 pm and my Challenger is scheduled to be delivered to the dealer tomorrow morning!
Exactly what I planned to do here in Utah - go get my personalized plates for the new Chally.

I wanted 6 characters for mine but Texas had a different law in place at the time so instead of saying BIG C02 for emissions, it says BIG C0, good enough.
Pictured for sale: vintage Used 1954 Pa Tractor License Plate, very good condition with wear and some loss of paint, displays nicely. Seems you can't put a personalized plate on a new car unless its being transfered from another. If you want personalized plates, you have to apply for the regular plates first, wait about a month for them to come in the mail and then apply for the new ones.

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