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I have seen many number plates that spell words by making digits look like letters and vice versa. What happens to my payment if I change my mind before the transfer has been completed and I no longer want the registration I have agreed to purchase from you?
Do I have to keep the registration on my vehicle for any specific time period before I can transfer it again and how do I do this? If the recipient vehicle already has a cherished mark can it be transferred to another vehicle at the same time you transfer the number I am purchasing from you?
If my vehicle is brand new and not yet registered, is it possible to transfer one of your registrations on to it? Do the Registration Offices always insist that the donor vehicle is taken to them for inspection? How quickly will the Registration Office issue my replacement registration number after the transfer has been completed and what type of registration will it be?
What if I have a V5 registration document but it is not yet registered in my own name and address? What happens if I need to tax my vehicle whilst the transfer is going through and I am not in possession of the necessary papers? If I was not interested in letting you advertise my number on my behalf would you purchase it from me immediately? An article in the Daily mail recently revealed that local district councils will be given the power to access the DVLAa€™s huge database in order to catch those damaging the environment. The new law was originally passed to allow for the identification of the owners of abandoned vehicles found, but has been recently used for catching those for the crimes mentioned above and many more. Personalised number plates are becoming increasingly more common in Asia and indeed through the world. A recent survey in Ireland found that 89% of people thought it was a good idea to have roll bars installed in every new car manufactured.
Over the past few years Cherished number plates have been gaining popularity, as they become more and more affordable. Personalized plates are a lot of fun and they’re also a good way of making a statement when you feel like it. F8FOOL- Probably true from a purely philosophical perspective, but is it what you want to say? 2BERN2B- Suitable for Swiss couples, people trying to pass on freeways and theatrical threats. One of the obvious developments since the global rat race started is that what’s funny in your language can be pure scatology in other languages.
Whatever your taste in plates, and whatever message you want to send the world, make sure that your plate is something you like.
Pro Plates are about professionally produced custom show plates, bespoke road-legal number plates, personalised for car, motorcycle, truck, trailer or agricultural vehicle. Add your favourite sports team or cartoon character badge to your Pro Plates Design, choose from 100s of styles to create your own personalised, custom Show Plates. We are the UK's leading Show Plates manufacturer supplying to the Trade and Public delivering quality products and service. Your original number will be held by the DVLA and usually re–issued to your vehicle if you ever remove your new number.
Once you have agreed to purchase a registration mark you will be expected to fulfil your legal obligation. You cannot make a vehicle look newer than it really is by transferring a younger year letter. Send the tax application to us, ensuring that you state the old registration number on the application form. This is possible and all we require is the form V55 from your supplying garage plus your insurance certificate and cheque payable to Dept.

Our expert team handle this complicated work for you in conjunction with the Department of Transport.
No, however, you must be prepared to take the vehicle to your local office if they request you to.
The chassis number on the vehicle is checked to ensure that it corresponds with that on the V5 registration document.
The replacement is issued immediately and it will be a registration that is relevant to the year of manufacture of the vehicle.
Once the Registration Office have told you what the new number is, you can have a set made up at your local motoring accessory shop or garage. As long as the vehicle is registered at DVLA, Swansea, or on the Northern Ireland computer, then you will be able to apply for a Registration Document to be sent to you.
If the transfer is imminent you can fill in the changes section of the registration document and let us arrange for the changes to be made at the same time as the transfer. Just send the remaining documents for taxing to us and we shall arrange it for you immediately. We have sold many thousands of registration numbers and our clients include members of both Houses of Parliament, some of the Country’s leading motor traders and leading businessmen.
Yes, we would be interested in buying and transferring your number to one of our own vehicles provided it was desirable enough, but do remember that the offer would be considerably lower. Once the theft has been reported to the Police for twelve months or more, DVLA will normally permit a transfer assuming the vehicle has not been recovered. Those who may be found littering from their cars, fly tipping or creating noise pollution could be rooted out by their number plates from the DVLA database.
Members of the public can also note the registration numbers of vehicles they may have seen littering, speeding or fly tipping and report it to their local council office.
With so many people being killed when their cars turn over, the question must be asked, is it a good idea to install all cars with roll bars.
Ireland itself would have very little to do with the move as there are no leading car makers in Ireland.
In German, French and other languages, even abbreviations can mean something, so if you’re travelling, think about the possibilities. Your personalized plate should be a true personal thing, a treasure and fun when you get your car servicing. If you see an image and you are the individual copyright holder please contact us immediately if you wish for such images to be removed. However, it is entirely at the discretion of the Department of Transport and you should be aware that it will be issued on a non–transferable basis. Please be aware that to use a motor vehicle on the road with illegally spaced or indistinguishable number plates is an offence. We may come to a compromise but this would be at the discretion of the proprietor and you must understand that we are under no legal obligation to return any monies after you have entered into a contract to purchase. However, if, for example, there was a change of construction of the vehicle the authorities may then want to inspect it. If it is just a case of a new MOT being obtained, again you ensure that the vehicle is MOTd under the old mark and send the certificate to us immediately, with a covering note informing us of the registration mark you are purchasing. You personally do not need to be present at the inspection, anyone can take the vehicle on your behalf. If the vehicle is OLDER than 1963, the replacement mark will not be transferable, although it will be from a series that does NOT have a year letter. However, there is a concession if the tax expired within twelve months of the date of the transafer application and provided SORN was declared. You will need to use the form V62 which can be obtained from a Post Office or from us by sending a stamped addressed envelope.
Our reputation is second to none and we can supply references from the leading national newspapers.

For example: if the registration number we have quoted states ABC 658, yet the registration number on your vehicle is ABC 658P, that year letter makes ALL the difference and the quotation will be completely different. The Department of Transport charge for this is currently £25 and is your responsibility. There is some difference between DVLA number plates and what we commonly call private number plates. If your friends and your mechanic spend a lot of time trying to figure out what your personal plates mean, you’ve got a good set of plates. The copyright issues would get an army of lawyers retired early, but in practice it’s a grey area.
Just be thankful you’re not travelling in Asia or the Middle East, and check for translations, unless you want a lot more attention than you’re used to. We would however be pleased to assist you in finding another buyer for your registration mark if you change your mind. However, it should be noted that the transfer cannot be started until we receive the required documents. You will need to supply us with the documents of the third vehicle involved and an extra £80 cheque payable to the Department of Transport. If you want to use the vehicle on the road before the transfer is completed, we can normally arrange for a temporary registration number to be issued immediately.
Vehicles registered on or after 1st January 1963 will be allocated a year letter registration relevant to the date of manufacture of the vehicle. In order for a vehicle to qualify for the concession, there must be no break between the expiry date of the licence and the commencement of SORN. Particular note should be taken that certain individuals will give you the impression that they either have an immediate buyer for your number or that they are prepared to make an outright offer to buy it into stock. We can advertise and sell the number for you, provided you complete the form and send us a photocopy of the DVLA written permission and confirmation from your insurance company they have no objection to the number being transferred. The sum of £80 will be added to your return providing the certificate confirms the assignment fee has been paid. Please be aware that all of our show plates are not for use on the public highway and by doing do you are in breach of the road traffic act.
If no third vehicle is available then the mark can normally be retained on a Department of Transport retention certificate in accordance with the governing Regulations. For example if you are transferring ROY 38K from a 1971 car, the replacement mark will have a K suffix and may get something like XHR 628K.
If you would prefer to let your Solicitor handle the funds in advance of the transfer (at the time the transfer is nearly ready for placing with the authorities) we can pay him upon his written authority, (we will send the necessary agreement form upon request). You may be lucky enough to receive a deposit but take note that the balance of payment and the necessary papers may not reach you until the individual has found a buyer. Show plates are therefore sold on the strict understanding that they will not be fitted to a road going vehicle and it is your responsibility as the purchaser to use them only in a legal fashion. However, if you have cashed in the tax for a refund, you will be expected to take out a new tax before the application will be considered. However, we are not prepared to pay any of your Solicitor’s costs for acting as a stakeholder. The odd plate like DEATH can give an impression, but hardly gets people guessing, even with ghoul and zombie movies to help.
If the vehicle is currently taxed, a new disc will be issued in the replacement registration. Please advise us at the start of the transfer procedure if you want to use a stakeholder agreement.

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