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I'm always interested in how creative people can get in such a limited space like a license plate.
Back when we originally ran this post it incorporated a poll on how many of our readers had vanity plates on their Porsche. Our plates are a different size and shape, with the current trend seemingly shortening the actualy plate. Porsche Buyers GuidesSpecial Offers: Save on quality tires with these manufacturer's promotions available from Tire Rack.

The poll ran for a week and we published the results in a post entitled, "Is Driving a Porsche Reason to be Begrudged. Over here in the UK we have some different rules and regs about personalised registrations, but you do see some quite good ones. Prior owner had SC79 on a Maine antique plate.I would guess the SC does not mean South Carolina.
Probably not too original, but, it serves the purpose of giving the state of Maine much needed extra revenue.

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