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Anyone who grew up in Virginia (like me) probably remembers the state history and geography classes that taught them a thing or two about "Old Dominion" -- there are a ridiculous number of presidents who called Virginia home and there's a famous fried egg in a cavern, for example. Virginia's theme parks have ruled over the state's academic calendar since 1986, when lobbyists for the state tourism industry helped usher through a bill prohibiting public schools in the state from opening before Labor Day, ensuring that kids would never have to choose between homework and roller coasters before the first Monday of September. The state's governing bodies have tried to repeal what has become known as the "Kings Dominion Law" -- named after the amusement park in Doswell, Virginia -- a few times, but have so far been unsuccessful.
The Plymouth Thanksgiving of 1621 actually came almost two years after the "very first" Thanksgiving celebration in Berkeley, Virginia, which took place on Dec. The Spanish also celebrated a few "Thanksgivings," which took place in the areas of modern-day Texas and Florida in the 16th century.
Every year, "Saltwater Cowboys" corral more than 100 wild horses in a swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island in Eastern Virginia.
After the island of Roanoke and the surrounding area were discovered, Queen Elizabeth I declared in 1584 that much of what we now consider the United States (and wasn't already inhabited by "Christian People") was free range for Sir Walter Raleigh to "discover," "inhabite" and "build and fortifie" -- in other words, to colonize. This is according to legend, but the first-ever recorded person to streak across a college campus was George William Crump, when he ran across the Washington College grounds (now Washington and Lee University) in 1804. Virginia is also home to the first college fraternity in the United States, as Phi Beta Kappa was founded by five students at the College of William & Mary in 1776. Elections in colonial Virginia were often decided by how much free alcohol and food a candidate provided for voters. When Washington ran again for the same office in 1758, he was sure not to make the same mistake twice. Estimates suggest that anywhere from 50 to 70 percent of all Internet traffic flows through data centers located in Northern Virginia. Sadly, the vanity plate pictured above is no longer on the road -- the Virginia DMV revoked it in 2009 after receiving many complaints.
Perhaps Virginia wasn't truly a land of hobbits, but it was the only colony to be broken into shires. As many mythical stories begin, Peter Francisco was found abandoned as a small child on a wharf in what is now Hopewell, Virginia. One of his more ridiculous feats of strength involved stealing an 1,100-pound cannon from the British and hauling it on his own back, before eluding two British soldiers by faking surrender, clubbing one off his horse and spearing the other with a bayonet. Despite falling on hard times in 2010, according to USA Today, the lodge has since been renovated and still offers a special "Dirty Dancing Package" for diehard fans. CHINCOTEAGUE, VA - JULY 24: Wild ponies are herded into the Assateague Channel during a rain storm for their annual swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague on July 24, 2013 in Chincoteague, Virginia. But if the bill passes, Virginia residents won't even have to lift a finger to show their opposition to big government and higher taxes.
The site says that the group collected "over 475 signatures" in support of the plate at the Virginia Tea Party convention this year.
912 Richmond introduced the bill on October 14, and says that "once the bill is passed by the general assembly and signed into law by the Governor the plates will be produced." According to the Virginia Legislature site, it will be introduced on January 12, 2011.
But it's not that easy: The group is required to submit 350 prepaid license plate applications before the Virginia DMV will sell them.

Similar proposed plates have popped up in Texas as well, though no official legislation has been introduced. Virginia License Plates - Easily find Virginia College License Plates, Virginia Military License Plates, Virginia Vanity Plates.
Virginia Vehicle Registrations and License Plates may be purchased at Virginia DMV Offices, or DMV Select Locations, located throughout the state. In 2013, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles rejected enough vanity plate requests to fill 506 single-spaced pages, a response to a Freedom of Information Act request by MuckRock user and Loudoun County resident Andrew Mickert revealed.
Some of the rejected plates were clearly explicit, but others baffled MuckRock reporter George LeVines, who published the fascinating find for the website, which serves as an open-government facilitator and publisher of citizen-generated FOIA requests. Some of that “who” is a software system that weeds out character groupings already in use, were rejected previously or have been deemed inappropriate by DMV staff, based on specific criteria the DMV set years ago in conjunction with the attorney general’s office. Asked how rejecting some plates jells with free-speech concerns, Brown said the goal is protecting all drivers from foul language. Brown said the Virginia DMV receives about 10,000 requests for personalized plates each month. The Virginia FOIA request was part of a project MuckRock is launching to gather rejected personalized plates from all 50 states. Sign-up for our Virginia Bureau email list to receive the latest news and in-depth coverage. Don’t miss our newsGet the latest on government waste, fraud, and abuse - directly in your inbox.
Most recently, the state House overwhelmingly passed a reform in February 2014, which ended up failing in the state Senate.
Virginia claims to have actually had the "First Thanksgiving," predating the famous Plymouth feast by almost two years. Thousands of people watch more than 100 wild ponies swim in an event that's been taking place for almost a century. At the island, the ponies are then paraded around and auctioned off to raise money for a local fire department. This meant new British territory -- essentially everything north of Spanish territory in Florida and south of French territories in modern day Canada -- was named "Virginia," thought to have been coined by Raleigh to honor the "Virgin Queen" Elizabeth I. College bros were basically invented here: Virginia is the birthplace of both streaking and frats. Crump was supposedly arrested by Lexington police after the incident, but that didn't stop him from winning seats in both the Virginia House of Delegates and the 19th U.S. George Washington first learned this the hard way in 1755 when he ran for a seat in the Virginia House of Burgesses at the age of 23 and failed to offer alcohol. These data centers occupy millions of square feet in the upper area of the state, where machines are whirring around the clock to make sure you can see the cutest animals of the day. In 1634, the General Assembly decided the state should be divided into eight of these Tolkienian territories, named Accomac, Charles City, Charles River, Elizabeth City, Henrico, James City, Warwick River and Warrosquyoake. Legend has it he was wearing expensive clothes and claimed that he had lived in a mansion, leading some to suspect he was kidnapped nobility.

He then stole the horse, rode over to rescue a fellow soldier and killed his British captors. The package includes a weekend of activities, ranging from group dance lessons to karaoke where you're sure to hear "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" sung over and over again. Every year the wild ponies are rounded up on the national wildlife refuge to be auctioned off by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company. Or, as the 912 Richmond website puts it: "The citizens of Virginia will soon be able to express their support for smaller government and protest the Federal Government's intrusion into the affairs of private citizens. The standard plates cost $10 per year, while the personalized plates cost $20 -- which 912 Richmond is already collecting payment for. Its all here in one place with information, links, and images to see and find what you are looking for.
To register your vehicle in Virginia and obtain license plates, you must first title your vehicle within 30 days of moving to Virginia. INFORMATION CAN BE UPDATED BY STATES WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE.BE SURE TO CONTACT THE APPROPRIATE GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY, DEPARTMENT, DIVISION, OR OFFICE TO CONFIRM ACCURACY.
They range from “ACDCN01” to “ADDICT1” to “AM4PLAY” to “BBYMAKR” to “BOOTY4U,” to name just a few. People can report a license plate they find offensive for further review, because it’s entirely possible that the computer or committee missed some nuance, Brown said. If you've ever called Virginia home, you certainly already know a few crazy and fun things about the state, but you still probably didn't know these.
Virginia isn't the only state in which school schedules are dictated by amusement park interests: A similar Labor Day law exists in Michigan to aide its tourism industry.
This true first Thanksgiving was actually a bit different than the contemporary idea of the holiday. Sure, there could have been other factors at play, but Washington didn't even come close to winning. In total, at the time of the study, 16 percent of all license plates issued in Virginia were personalized. By the war's end, Francisco reportedly sustained many more wounds, killed many more British soldiers and escaped capture by killing his way out of a group of British soldiers' makeshift jail, prompting George Washington to remark, "Without him we would have lost two crucial battles, perhaps the War, and with it our freedom.
Before operating a vehicle in Virginia, it must pass an annual safety inspection and display a valid safety inspection sticker. It was more of a religious day of prayer, it didn't involve a feast and Native Americans weren't invited.
Illinois actually holds the record for most vanity plates on the road, with about 1.3 million, though Virginia still boasts the highest rate. The group consisted of 38 men and was led by Captain John Woodlief, who prayed at the site.

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