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10. Where in Cape Town you can feed your internet & caffeine addictions simultaneously?
You forgot to mention Durbanville, Bellville, Parow, Grassy Park, Dunoon, Constantia and the other 100+ odd neighbourhoods in and around Cape Town that aren’t represented on this page. Fear not Notombo, there’s no mention of Milnerton, Table View, Parklands, Durbanville, Bellville, Parow, Good Wood etc either. Sad reality is that you will raise your kids with the same mindset when we so called whiteys raise our kids to not see colour! If you could find it in your heart to add that establishment to your map it would be much appreciated. If you or anyone is offended by that, then maybe stay under your rock, coming out from under it will really offend you. What is happening in this area that you have called “wrong side of the track” ?

However, due to space constraints and the fact that this is a travel blog, we chose to focus on the areas most frequented by tourists and travellers. This is a nothing more than a rather amusing look at central Cape Town and it’s immediate surrounding areas. Surely the “author” here is entitled to write it from his point of view – if you do not like it, do your own version, or keep quite. To those that say this is a white representation of Cape Town…have you been in town lately or live there?
As an ex Dutch tourguide I know the Dutch tourists will love it too.And to dear Notombo, done townships but when it comes to slaughtering animals in the open with blood and flies everywhere the Dutch just want to run and get back on the bus.
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Its not about race, culture or religion, I have neighbours and friends of all races smack bang in the middle of the CBD. Which ever way round one looks at a situation, problems will always be found if one looks hard enough to find them.
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