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When I arrived home today, an evil surprise was waiting for me – a yellow plastic bag with a Denver metro area telephone directory inside.
After visiting this particular directory publisher’s website and opting out of future deliveries, I discovered a link to a wonderful one-stop website to easily deal with this challenge. If you’re a blogger, I created this little banner that you can post on your blog to take readers to these instructions so they can opt out.
Also, if you find magnets glued to your phone directory don’t forget to remove those before recycling the book. About Eliza CrossEliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of nine books about food and home design. New York - The phone book could stop landing on doorsteps across the Big Apple later this year.
Verizon has asked regulators for permission to end the annual delivery of White Pages to all its customers in New York.
According to the company, only about one of every nine households uses the hard copy listings. You'd think they'd first announce the creation of a new home-phone that has a small drop-down keyboard so you can punch in a name & get listings right there and then dial it automatically.One day.
Maybe they should print it for those people who don't have a computer or maybe for people who need to look up an address on Shabbos or Yom Tov, and charge $5 a book.

Since I just recycled another vendor’s unwanted phone book two weeks ago, I was not especially tickled to receive this book.
Think of all the gazillions of unused directories that end up in landfills and recycling centers each year. I’d love to hear your comments and experiences, and if you blog or tweet about this issue please let me know. Plastic and paper can’t be combined during the recycling process, so do your recycling center a favor and take the book out of its plastic bag before putting it in the bin.
I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood Tx! They don’t want to stop the delivery because the more books they deliver the more they can charge the advertisers.
Also, if you know how to properly search the Internet (including the use of boolean search operators), I assure you that you can find anything more easily online than in the phone book. Most of the time web searches are overhelpful and you end up taking twice as long to find the information you want. I keep the Dex white and yellow pages in my office and use them occasionally, but I generally go online to look up telephone numbers, don’t you? Our friends at A Girl and a Gluegun,  Baby Brainstorm and AHC Arts & Crafts have some very creative, crafty ideas.

I’ve been looking for a way to stop them from delivering the useless book for a while now. They want to show their advertisers that they have a large circulation and they just ignore the opt out request. I called the 800-number for the publisher (800-888-8448) and a fella took a whole bunch of info, apologized for the inconvenience, and promised to forward my complaint to the distribution manager for my area. The directory publishers only utilize 40%  recycled materials when they print new editions, so the environmental impact of all these companies printing unwanted phone books is truly staggering. The good news is that we can really make a difference by spreading the word, especially since most of these opt-out programs are permanent. I’ve threatened to file a complaint of trespass and littering, but have little faith that that would bear any fruit.
I wonder if anyone knows what governmental entity is responsible for handling such matters?

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