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Or save time and get all of the Life Your Way printables when you buy the complete download pack for just $7. A few things you should know about me: I'm a wife and mother of 6, as well as a full-time work-at-home mom, a passionate entrepreneur, a homeschooler, and an INTJ, with a heavy emphasis on the introvert!
In normal handset mode, the device measures 145 x 75 mm, while in tablet mode it measures 203 x 140 mm.

The complete set includes all 400+ printables that have been published to date plus free monthly email updates with new printables. And I'm pretty sure fair-trade chocolate, loose leaf tea, and Starbucks lattes are among life's greatest pleasures.
There’s also an XL version of the phone, measuring 165 x 85 mm in phone mode and having the same size as the iPad Air in tablet mode.

We’ve also got a Smart Pen holder, that can be used as an extra power bank and for a better grip of the phone in tablet mode.

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