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Mike the 1 855 34 SANTA number is answered by Santa who thanks the child for leaving cookies and carrots for the reindeer from the night before, so it is not for the child to TELL Santa what they wish for Christmas, so Maddie is right about it being different. Couldn’t get the 951# to work and looks like the 855# does need to be updated – thanks for the ideas!
So if you want to feel like you are in high school again, call the number, listen to Tom Bradys voice on the voicemail then hang up and melt while staring at the Tom Brady poster on your wall.

If you have an unlimited long distance plan then this number should have no additional cost.
The kiddos love doing this because they can also leave him a message at the end of his message to them. He asks for their wish list and tells them to be good to their parents and listed… ?? Just call – (951)-262-3062 and have fun!

You can go on a website and have santa say their name with their picture and it is free of coxt.

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