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The Vagabond Mini™ Lithium is our third-generation controlled-current portable power system utilizing all new lithium battery power. After connecting to a power source, the LED status indicator will start blinking to indicate charging. When the battery voltage drop to 3.5V, the charge recharge the battery with the red LED turn off.
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For a limited time you can get a free VLX Carry Bag with your Navajo Turquoise and Purple Haze VLX™ and help us balance our inventory.
If you want to buy more than offered quantities for better price, please click wholesale inquiry. When you slide your phone into the case, a connector at the base plugs into the port at the bottom of phone. It is equivalent to 5 to 6 times of the cell phone battery capacity,intelligent control ,microcomputer intelligent detect and shows the battery.

International Orders using UPS Worldwide Express Saver are subject to a $62.50 Air Regulation Fee. After using up all the power in the juice pack, just recharge it with your USB cable for more on-the-go power.

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