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VARTA Portable Power dodaje mocy smartfonom, tabletom, odtwarzaczom MP3, nawigacjom GPS i innym urzadzeniom – zawsze i wszedzie. Wszystkie Powerpacki sa wstepnie naladowane i gotowe do uzycia od razu po wyjeciu z opakowania. Ouput to MBITR 148 Harris 152 Radio Interface adaptor - Battery Elimminator 12 or 24 Volt Setting.

PCR148 and the Harris Falcon , 152, 580 Battery and convert it into a Cigar socket and USB Charger output. New products and news articles will be frequently added to the website so keep checking back to see whats new.
This allows the Battery to power external equipment and also Charger USB charged products, I-Pad, I-Phone, Tablets, MP? players.

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