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RavPower is enclosed in a smooth, ebony finish that customers can easily tell that the company is serious about premium products. The power bank uses an ultra-reliable Samsung Lithium-ion battery that can withstand more than 500 battery charge and discharge cycles. It takes a long time to get this power bank charged, but that is to be expected as it has 14,000mAh power. RavPower is a 14,000mAh external portable power pack that can get you through a camping weekend or just simply carry it with you for those times you need to recharge. As tablets get bigger, and phones more powerful a portable power bank is all you will need specially for someone who works away from a power source all day.

This entry was posted in Cell Phone External Battery Pack and tagged 14000mAh, External Battery Pack, RavPower by Pete. This external li-ion battery & charger will provide additional power when traveling away from home or out of reach of any AC or DC power.
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It is enclosed in a smooth, ebony varnish that users can easily tell that this is a premium device. It has the ability to charge two devices at once and the flashlight comes in handy during a power outage.

It has a blue LED indicator that looks different, yet more appealing than what other power banks have.

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