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Earth Safe Environmental provides an array of standby power options, and will work with you to determine the needs of your home and business in the event of a power outage or if you need temporary power for an inspection during construction or repairs.
For residential properties, the use of generator switches eliminates the need for running extension cords throughout the the house. What is a portable generator?These are generators that are designed to be moved and used in locations a standby generator would be impractical. KZ Power Portable generators are the best examples of power generators that you can rely on. KZ Power portable generatorproducts are tested extensively and manufactured using the best quality materials. Please don't mark items "Payment Sent." It keeps payments from showing up on our end and will delay your shipment.
Domestic orders take up to 3 business days to process and are shipped the next business day after processing has completed. Unfortunately, delays due to weekends, holidays, adverse weather conditions and carrier mistakes are out of our control.
If requesting shipping to a PO box address, please note that you may have to pay for shipping via USPS. Please make sure to be ready to receive your package or pick it up from your local carrier's location.
Our shipping and handling costs are what the carrier charges us, plus any required handling fee as described above.

All return shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility, regardless of the reason for the return.
After a return has been authorized there is a 7 day grace period in which to ship the return. Returns will not be accepted in any case if the item has been misused, tampered with, disassembled, or sent to a third party repair store without authorization.
Refunds issued for regular returns and undeliverable items will be MINUS the amount we paid to ship the item.
UPS shipments returned as undeliverable or refused will be refunded MINUS both the original shipping cost that we or the buyer paid and minus that same shipping cost again, as UPS charges shipping on Refused or Undeliverable packages. All of our items undergo a rigorous, three-person inspection before being hand-packed and shipped. Factory defective items must be returned by the buyer (buyer pays return shipping.) This is necessary, as our supplier requires inspection of the item prior to clearing a refund.
If your item arrives damaged please DO NOT throw away the original packaging or packing materials and contact us on the date of delivery. A generator transfer switch allows for a safe and convenient operation of both standby and portable power.
These switches utilize the wiring in your home to power any device with your generator quickly and easily, even those that would be unable to connect to the generator using an extension cord, such as a well pump. Portable generators can come in a variety of sizes, from the small and light options for home use, to units mounted on a trailer that can be driven to construction sites, events, or commercial buildings.

For optimal performance and longevity, preventative maintenance on your standby generator is essential. The best portable generators are reliable machines that you can use every day to power your tools on a construction site or provide entertainment while away from a power source. International orders can take up to 5 business days to process and are shipped the next business day after processing has completed.
If you feel our S&H prices are too high, please cross reference the weight of the item with the shipping company of your choice and you will see that we charge what it costs to ship the item. If you do not contact us on the day of delivery we will be unable to file for damages with the carrier and will not be able to accept your damaged package claim. This electrical device is connected to the circuits within the electrical panel of a home or business, and eliminates the risk of back feeding into the electrical utility. Load testing will also help to guarantee that when the power goes out, your generator will be able to handle your needs. Back feeding can cause generator damage, fires, or result in the electrocution of technicians who may be working on nearby power lines. When available, utility power is a more affordable option than powering your site with generator power.

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