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The world is moving at the speed of technology, and ReBoot believes everyone deserves an affordable way to stay current. Come browse our current inventory of new and used electronics for an average of 40%-75% off retail.
This item is a Multi-Function Car Jump Starter Emergency Source designed to provide the desired amount of power where and when you need it. The Branch USB-C hub not only offers your new MacBook multiple ports for easy to connect with other devices, but also has optional 64GB onboard storage. Anker hooked me up with a unit to test out at CES and I’ve relied on it since to keep our house full of devices charged.
Anker’s product is also very solid and made with Apple-like quality in a package about the size of a MacBook AC adapter. Because this product does not connect multiple USB guest devices to a single host device, it is not a hub.
That being said, for my normal use this charger has so many advantages that I use this charger as primary, and also carry a backup apple 12w charger in my luggage. Check the description a little closer – that device is still only 8A total, but has 6 ports. If you look closer at some of those reviews, it does often mention a small detail that those problems were with the original 20w version and there has since been a revived 40w upgraded release.

I believe the rest of the iPad series doesn’t have this discharge problem using the original 10w charger, or by extension this Anker charger, so it is really only a consideration if you have an ipad 3.
One other thing, I have a work issued blackberry that is very sensitive to what charger it will allow, I never found a non oem charger that worked with this phone until now. I even used it on an Boeing 757 ac power port yesterday to charge multiple devices while in flight, it worked great, all my devices were at full power the entire flight. Overall, I would recommend this charger to almost anyone, although I would love a tweek to allow 12w to ios devices vs the 10w max output the charger currently allows. Everytime you do one of these product reviews, 10 minutes later my wallet is a little bit lighter. Along side the intended product review items, I also end up with several other related items with my purchase! If you want to buy more than offered quantities for better price, please click wholesale inquiry. The USB-C hub measures only 2mm thin and it comes in three colors including silver, space gray and gold in order to perfectly act as a complement to your new MacBook. What’s particularly impressive about this one is that it has 40W of power to distribute through the 5 USB ports (a 25W one is a few bucks less).
Where past USB ports were hard-wired to exclusively charge iOS OR Android, we’re introducing Smart Port technology to create a truly universal charger.

Also some mention of a dodgy batch and the seller giving working replacements for the noise issues. The Branch features two USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C port and a HDMI port supporting 4K resolution in order that you can conveniently connect other devices to your new MacBook like USB flash drive, extra display, a power source and etc.
BTW, also don’t miss other options like the portable USB-C docking station and more stuff by following tags.
Anker’s new IQ does one better by recognizing high power requirements in devices like iPads, other tablets and even HPs new Chromebook¬†and giving those devices the full 2-3 Amps of power they need to get charged quickly. Furthermore, the USB-C docking station also features optional 64GB onboard storage that expands the MacBook’s storage capacity. The iPads can go for 0-100% in about 4 hours, significantly quicker than if I use a typical 3rd party USB adapter.

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