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A portable power supply is something that everyone should have in case the main source of power goes out. Most commercial businesses will own a portable power supply to safeguard their products in case of a power outage in their store, especially if they sell perishable products.
Other people take a portable power supply on a camping trip so they can use it to power their grill or a light to use at night or a rechargeable flashlight or other items. Whatever the reasons to have a portable power supply, you want to be able to choose the best portable power supply that you can afford.
Some of the types of these vital tools are generators, battery run power supplies, manually operated power supplies, or those that come on automatically as soon as the power goes out.
Some of the newer and more advanced types of portable power supply work on solar power so they store up a form of clean energy that can be used to power things for you when the main power supply goes out.
When looking for a portable power supply, you will find that the more it costs, the more power that it supplies. A power supply may be a separate device that you bring out when the power goes off, or it could be hardwired into your home or business so that it is automatically turned on. One thing is for certain, a portable power supply is a great item to have on hand because everyone is likely to experience a power outage for one thing or another. Image may be provided for illustrative purposes only, please refer to the product description. The Merlin PowerCentre is a sophisticated powerpack that allows DC powered appliances to be run anywhere. It is housed in an unbreakable Peli Protector Case, type 1430 (see index – Peli Protector Cases – for further details).

The PowerCentre cannot be taken on a commercial aircraft as the Lithium content is too high (Transportation Class 9 - Not Transportable On Commercial Aircraft). There are many different types of them from a small portable power supply for things like tools or small appliances or a 12v DC power supply that you can plug into your car’s cigarette lighter slot. These are vital or else the stores would lose thousands of dollars worth of food or other items. There are several types that you can choose from, so it’s a good idea to read the portable power supply reviews that you can find online. Some run on gasoline, and these should not be turned on inside the home as it could cause dangerous fumes.
You also need to read the portable power supply reviews so you will know which models need the least amount of maintenance or which ones work better to power certain types of appliances. If you get the large kind hardwired to your home, you won’t ever have to worry about loosing the food in your fridge or even not having the lights on if you lose power.
From wilderness to urban environments, PowerCentre will operate a wide variety of equipment - meaning that spare batteries and chargers don’t need to be carried individually.
It is fully self-contained, with an integrated charging system, recharging from 230V AC power or 12V DC vehicle supplies (reverse-polarity protected), and optionally, solar power. In the past, obtaining high capacity Li-ion batteries involved soldering together (in series) strings of smaller 3.7V cells. Or, there are whole house portable power supply units that click on if you lose the electricity in your home.
Over-charging, overloading and physical damage of conventional Li-ion batteries can result in thermal run-away and an un-extinguishable fire of around 1000°C.

Not to be confused with jump-start packs, this unit is designed for professionals in demanding applications requiring continuous power.
PowerCentre’s battery uses patented technology which prevents these potentially hazardous situations. This ensures that the casing remains rain-proof for operations in the harshest of climate conditions. During battery replacement, Merlin Equipment will fully service and test all internal parts, recycle the old battery and issue a new warranty certificate. Applications include outside broadcast and lighting equipment, video surveillance, test and measurement, laptop computers and peripherals, communications and telecom equipment and CCTV systems. There are internal netting pockets for storing charging and output leads, user manual and other miscellaneous items such as video tapes, memory sticks etc. It is internally protected against being flattened and does not build a ‘memory’ if not charged regularly to 100% or if it is left discharged for a long period of time.
An easy to read bar-graph provides battery pack state of charge information and fault codes.

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