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In our quest to boost your personal growth, we hope to inspire and support you through our content! Eventually I got married and had a baby, and that cat not only slept in the crib, but allowed my daughter to climb all over him, use him as a pillow, and generally do what babies do (pull ears, fur, etc)– and he was always completely at ease with her, gentle, and never once unsheathed his claws with her. Angels come in many shapes and sizes to teach us the most important thing, why we are here.
You may want to bookmark this page so that you can return on a daily basis and play the video. Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away… In the last 6 years I grew to love this wonderful holiday for the way it makes me feel. Several weeks ago, during my weekly Wellness Coaching class, I got an explanation of why creating a sense of gratitude and highlighting the things that we love has such a powerful impact on the way we feel emotionally and the way we approach life. This study provided evidence for a simple but invaluable fact: wherever you put the mind, the body will follow. Customary on thanksgiving, we say grace for the food on the table, for our family and for close friends. Whether you want to lose weight or not, having a high self-esteem and a healthy body-image, learning to love and respect your body, and becoming friends with it are a big part of Happiness equation. Besides, increasing your self-esteem and improving body image, positive affirmations, will increase your mindfulness. As most powerful and genius things, creating a better life and cultivating a loving relationship with yourself, is pretty simple.
For 10 days before Thanksgiving write down at least 5 positive affirmations about yourself and at least 3 specifically about your body. Start by writing down specific moments when you’ve done something good for yourself and felt good about your body. This entry was posted in Happiness, Stress, Weight Loss and tagged Body image, featured, Health, positive affirmations, Positive Psychology, Self-esteem, Self-Help, weight loss.

By surrounding yourself (auditorily) with the right words and phrases, you can begin to shift your subconscious self-talk, until you naturally think and say positive things to yourself.
One shortcut is listening to positive affirmations, like the ones you’re listening to on this page. Click the button to learn more about how to easily, effortlessly change from the inside-out.
I don’t mean the holiday rush and the traveling anxieties but rather the way listing things that I am grateful for brings in a rush of enthusiasm and unbound energy. It is not our physical state that limits us, it is our mindset about our own limits, our perceptions, that draws the line.
But since feeling and showing gratitude and cultivating a feeling of love is such a powerful tool why not use its power to create a better energy and acceptance for our own body? Many people can’t seem to lose weight even on a very strict diet and hard-core exercise regimen or if they do it comes right back. Feeling comfortable in your own skin will make you more authentic and your communication more open. Consciously looking for things that are going well, for things that you love and feel good about requires a higher state of awareness throughout the day. Remember: Doing this simple exercise will help you to reconnect with you body, to be proud of what it can do and to feel grateful for everything that it allows you to do. I used to listen to David McGraw’s affirmations on a daily basis, and they helped me feel empowered.
Another shortcut is to get around successful people and listen to them until you start to adopt their way of talking, and their way of thinking. It is a day that officially encourages us to bring attention to things that are going well, to things that we love and appreciate. Now, understanding the science and the effect that focusing on the negative will have on your reality, you might think twice before going on a body hate rant.

The reason is that your brain might still have an image of you being overweight and that image is very powerful. Do it on your phone, in the comment section to this post, on facebook, in a notepad, wherever you want! If you can’t seem to come up with anything you love about your life or your body, here are some samples and inspirations.
Thanksgiving is like a major self-counseling session that encourages us to shift out of a problem-solving negative-focused approach to life and focus on the positive. In a week psychologists compared pre and post study memory, intelligence, hearing, vision and flexibility of participating seniors. If you already feel super confident and love your body the way it is, please share your secrets! Appreciation for our bodily functions that we take for granted like seeing, hearing, walking will grow as well. However, science proves that we are more likely to stick to the task if you are accountable to someone besides ourselves. Listing positive things and things that you love about your body helps to reverse negative self-esteem into a positive one. Positive affirmations work for me but the only way to find out if they work or you is to try and see what happens! The thoughts you have now are creating your tomorrow, and knowing that means you hold the tools to make all kinds of marvelous things happen. Share the challenge with your gf, bf, or anyone who might need a self-esteem boost and who can become your positive affirmations buddy.

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