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Addresses may be located in the ZIP+4 file as street, firm, or Post Office Box records (record type S, F, or P, respectively). Readers who are worried that packages delivered to their homes by UPS or FedEx may be stolen off the porch can now use the local post office as a street address. Signature on File allows the post office to keep a copy of your signature on file and accept certain signature-required mail and packages.
Post office boxes in Altadena range in price from $120 to $630 per year, depending on the size of the box. Check out Bluehouseviews or subscribe to Altadena Headlines Examiner by clicking the "Subscribe" link at the top.

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When a customer signs up for this service, the post office will accept packages from private carriers, place them in a secure parcel locker if available.
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The post office will also accept regular mail with the street address and place it in the post office box.

These experiences shape her thought, broaden her insight, and contribute to a quirky sense of humor.

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