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Your need for an adapter or converter depends on the voltage, frequency and power plugs in the country you live in. Need anything else?Check if you have packed everything for your trip at our TRAVELER'S CHECKLIST!If you would like to add information to this page, please send us your comments.
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On this website you find information about the power plugs and sockets, electricity, voltage and frequency used in every country of the world. Check if you need a power plug adaptor for the power sockets (outlets) used in your country of destination. Select a country from the list on the right.
If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 220V - 240V (as in the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia), you need a power converter in Cuba.

If the frequency in Cuba (60 Hz) differs from the one in your country, it is not advised to use your appliances, but you can try at your own risk.

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