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A very similar message to the one below showed on the boot screen as well but I failed to get an image to post in the article and I had trouble duplicating the error after it occurred the first time. After rebooting and getting the same exact messages from the BIOS and from within Windows 7 I looked towards the power adapter port.
Dell laptops are notorious for the power port to become worn out over time so I would assume it is possible to get the above error if the connection still works but isn’t 100%.
I had access to a freind’s Inspiron with a functional apapter and swapped mine with his.
Solution: I bought a Dell branded 90 Watt adapter from an independent source on eBay for about $25 USD.
On my own laptop I tried to solve the issue with 3rd-party-equipment, but well, we all know, this doesn’t really solve the problem.
Guess what I will tell people who want to buy within the next years: Buy anything but DELL.
We are a professional manufactory that specialized in variety of electronic products such as power cables, plugs, extension cords, connects, cord set, power strips and so on. We mainly produce UL and CUL (the United States) certified conversion sockets, plugs, plug wire boards, night lights, power line cable trays, and extension cords.
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Informazione: Continuando a navigare sul nostro sito web l'utente accetta ed acconsente all' utilizzo dei cookies.
Questo prodotto e fuori produzione, le informazioni sotto indicate sono solamente a fini di riferimento. Registrandoti, accetti che EXPANSYS PLC e le sue societa ti contattino saltuariamente per darti informazioni su prodotti, servizi e offerte. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The BIOS upgrade appeared to work without issue however when the computer rebooted with the new BIOS version I received a boot error and then once I skipped the error I received a popup message within Windows 7 as well.
Sure enough the power adapter was plugged in just enough to not have a solid connection to the computer but not far enough out of the power power to not register. The plug was loose on the back and part of the plastic molding on the jack appeared to be missing, exposing a middle pin and two other pins either side of it.
We pay great attention to the quality, and have attained ISO9002 international quality system certification.
The problem ended up being something really silly which is explained below but I wanted to note in case someone else ran into the same issue. I simply plugged the AC power adapter into the computer all the way and afterwards I no longer received the error.

It is also possible for the actual power adapter to go bad so if the problem is not as easy as it was for me I would consider trying a different power adapter first. I personally still prefer Dell over any other laptops as if there is a support contract they will overnight parts and have someone fix on site if necessary.
I really like how the power supply connects to the computer as it minimizes risk for damage when using the laptop in your lap. We organize the production according to international standards, and our products have attained UL, CUL, CSA, BS, VDE, GS, NF, KEMA, DMKO, DEMKO, OVE, FI, CEBEC, CCEE, and other certifications from various countries.We welcome the majority of businessmen to discuss business with us. Make sure that the power adapter you try is made for the Dell laptop (or whatever type of laptop) in question.
All of our products have achieved different kinds of certificate such as UL, CUL, VDE, CCC, KEMA,SAA, BS, PSE, DEMKO,SEV, CEBEC, etc.

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