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The Cable assembly is for a Micro SATA Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drives (HDD) to connect to a standard Sata Power Connector and Sata 7 Pin Data connector on your motherboard or add-on card. Micro SATA to SATA adapter cable features a standard female SATA data connector and a SATA male power connector on one end, and a micro SATA female connector on the other, letting you connect a Micro-Sata SSD (Solid State Drive) to a computer as you would a standard SATA form factor hard drive. Please be sure of your purchase - At our discretion, cut or measured purchases may not be returnable or may be subject to up to a 25% restocking fee.

Computer Power Cords, available with us, provide the means for computers to connect to 110 volts AC outlets or uninterrupted power source. Also, any shipping charges (including return shipping or Delivery Intercept fees) incurred are non-refundable. We make available premium Computer Power Cables that are capable of constantly bearing electrical loads of up to 400 watts, and are in conformity with set industrial standards.

Also, it provides heavy-duty service for industrial tools, portable lights, battery chargers, and equipment exposed to oils, solvents, flame and grease.

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