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This popular model can operate a wide variety of appliances, including a furnace, fridge, microwave, most 13,500 BTU RV AC units, and much more. I purchased 2 Honda EU3000is generators for backup power at home and power to run a BBQ cooking trailer.
We selected the EU3000iS based on Honda's reputation for quality and personal experience - I also use an EU2000i at work on a professional search and rescue boat to provide nighttime lighting in emergencies. IT IS AMAZING HOW QUIET THIS GENERATOR IS, AND WHEN YOU SWITCH TO ECO MODE, CAN HARDLY TELL IT'S RUNNING.
Service with gas and oil, pulled rope slow 3 times to get oil circulated, turned key on and started first pull. So I have had my eye on getting a Honda generator for years now as their reputation for quality is so high.
I have purchased several Honda generator's over the years, the oil  dip sticks seem to be come brittle after a short time of operation, I do not know if this is due to heat or the plastic which it is made from is not compatible for being in oil ?
All orders paid for via Paypal will be shipped to the address in your Paypal profile, unless you inform of us before shipping out. Once your order has been dispatched by the courier you will receive an email with your tracking number.
All orders are shipped Monday through Friday only during regular business hours (excluding national holidays). The precision of Honda's inverter technology ensures our inverter generators produce power that is as reliable as the power you get from your outlets at home. I have a small solar panel and two golf cart batteries for the odd light but when I want real power, I fire up the gennie. HOOKED UP TO A RELIANCE 6 CIRCUIT TRANSFER SWITCH, AND WAS PLEASANTLY SURPRISED AT WHAT IT CAN HANDLE. But don't forget to buy an adaptor to convert the 30 amp plug to the hook receptacle on the generator. For home back up, on the first try I ran one fridge and one freezer, while the power company was doing up grades in our neighborhood.

System started on very first pull of cord after removed from cardboard box (added oil, added fuel, set controls, pulled cord once), and just ran so smoothly in ECO mode.
1st let me say that I read many reviews good and bad about this generator but I have figured out all the negative ones centered around the battery switch (ignition switch) being in the on position upon arrival. Costs a lot, but like my Honda cars, it is better designed and better quality than anything else out there. Please make sure your original ac adapter 's output voltage, current and connector's size is accordant with this ac adapter before placing order.
This makes it ideal for camping, RV power and any other activity that requires quiet operation. I used it to build the cabin and can run tools off of it, compound mitre, table saw, air compressor.
After analyzing our power requirements the EU3000iS was the logical choice and we couldn't be happier! We followed all the instructions, (he knew em by heart) and with one, yes one push of the button the generator started.He hooked up a 6k household A\C unit, the fridge, 10 fishtanks, as well as our koi pond filters.
Honda being the great company they are didn't forget to turn the switch off they left it in this position so you would have to open up the batteries access door and hook the cables back up to the batteries. Started right up like a charm and was so quiet that we could enjoy the peaceful night around the fire. It has plenty of juice for lights and the hot water on demand.Very happy with it and highly recommend. It handles our refrigerator, electronics, well pump, microwave, washer and [gas] dryer without a hiccup - not all at once, mind you, but in enough combinations to even further reinforce our faith in the product.
Now they didn't do this just to keep your batteries from going dead they also wanted to make sure you checked the oil (empty) before starting up.
The Honda is amazingly quiet and will have no problem running it continuously for hours if needed.
So far we've logged well over a hundred hours on the Honda during the all-too-frequent cloudy days when the solar array can't keep up.

Very impressive, I highly recommend this model and or any Honda generators, this is our first Honda and we love it all my other friends have Honda gens.
I would probably be one of those people that just wanted to start it as soon as I got it in excitement if it would not have been for the battery issue I probably would have.
It used barely a quarter of a tank of gas and it ran all night to to run some medical equipment. We pulled our trailer 6 hours to the home opener for Iowa State Football to tailgate with family. One nice feature of our system is that the inverter on the solar side has a built-in transfer switch and battery charger so when I kick on the Honda it switches the house load to the generator automatically and simultaneously charges the battery bank. Generator #1 work perfectly, but generator #2 was hard to start and would not stay running. TRANSFERED OVER FROM LINE POWER TO GENERATOR POWER, SEAMLESSLY WITH NO SURGING OR FLUCTUATION IN POWER.
If I could ask for any improvement it would be a remote starter system so I don't have to go out to the generator shed in bad weather. I called my wife into the warehouse and made her listen to it while we carried on a normal conversation..
I then decided to turn off throttle control and let it run at speed and still we were able to carry on a normal conversation. I'm sure it will be repaired to my satisfaction.Having reservations about recommending Honda at this point. I will never by another generator unless they come out with one that runs on water that does not have the name Honda on it.

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