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This is another cool Lenmar product that I found in addition to the PPUHUB6 (Universal Charging Station that can charge up to 6 USB devices at once) - It's a portable power pack (powerport) that allows you to charge USB devices without an AC adapter. Forgetting to charge your cell phone will not leave you out of touch with the world any more.
A super bright light emits from this solar or hand crank powered flashlight, radio, AND cell phone charger.
Perfect for emergency kits where light, radio, and cell phone charges are usually hard to come by. The pocket charger is a very tiny charger that runs on AAA batteries that will charge your cell phone right in your pocket. It's extremely simple, yet genius- stick in one AA battery into the charger, connect the appropriate jack to fit your phone and viola! Each portable cell phone charger from Energizer comes with an adapter for a certain phone type and seems to cover most brands including Sprint, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung.

Convert your car's cigarette light or USB port into a handy charging source with this inverter.
So now with this KangaRoom Charging Station I can charge a cell phone, MP3 player and digital camera all at the same time.
This keychain usb phone charger is small, and simple, ideal to carry along with you for those moments. It runs on batteries so you won't need to find a plug to charge your phone when it starts to run low. Perfect for me when I go on road trips or camping and don't have access to an outlet but do have my car! It has many useful functions like flashing lights in case you're in an emergency, has a compass and acts as a flashlight - low and high beams!
I've been in countless situations in which I've needed just enough of a cell phone charge for a few minutes of talk time, and haven't had access to either a charger or an outlet.

It's super small, comes in 6 different colors, and is really convenient to use when you're out and about.
My guy is a total tech junkie, and I know he would make great use out of this for his iPhone, iPod, and every other gadget he owns. Manually wind this charger up for 2 minutes, connect your phone, and you have 5-6 minutes of talk time, or up to 30 minutes standby.
I could've used this the other day when my cell phone battery was dying and I didn't have access to my chargers. Apparently, it's totally brand new and will be revealed at the Las Vegas 2009 CES Show, but Batteriesinaflash is supposed to have it in stock next spring!

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