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If you’re visiting this site, you probably are considering the idea of ??starting a new exercise routine or perhaps you are in the process of evaluating and paying attention to what you eat and why you do it, or you just want to explore a bit to decide once and for all on taking a new challenge to your wellness! The question here would be, “Is your body a reflection of the way your mind is, your little house inside? For some this could not be more than a tall tale, but it is seen that a significant percentage of people do not pay enough attention to the actual state of their emotions and their mind, and without realizing it, it really is where you will find the reason of many aches, pains and diseases, yet without knowing it, we spend time, energy and money in medical or cosmetic treatments that ultimately all they do is confuse our path by filling us with ideas that do not contribute to the situation and distract us from the real focus, which is then ignored, and ultimately should be left to float, to consider, evaluate, listen and clean; Our mind, our home, our house.
In Live Life we are convinced that this house needs occasional maintenance or remodeling, as we do with our home, our car and our closet. It is vital to periodically make this halts on the road and listen carefully to what our mind says, the messages our body sends us, just like when the take the care to the workshop for a technician revision, which checks for water levels, oil and many more items. This month I had a lot of questions from patients at my practice asking about diets and which one to follow for optimal health. Belief: The body is gifted with an amazing innate healing system that we are only beginning to understand. This powerful and informative health and wellness series, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind continues with a strong line-up of topics this season.  Uplifting and energizing, this award-winning series explores the personal side of health breakthroughs in treatment, prevention and research with well-told real stories of doctors, scientists and patients.
If we want to quiet the mind and tap into its vast library of illuminating superconscious wisdom, we must consciously continue its training that began at birth.
Misunderstanding who “I” am, the conscious mind remains under the influence of unconscious fears, anger, self-willed desires and the pressure to protect “me,” the individual, and to stave off the fear of “my” imagined annihilation that death represents. In an attempt to replace its deep-seated notion of lack with security and happiness, the mind gravitates toward objects of both pleasure and pain. Fortunately, the mind can become more discriminative and creative––and can thereby make the body healthier and life far less stressful. In any new undertaking you need a guide to help direct your energies toward the attainment of your chosen goal. The mantra is a word or series of words that represents a perfect harmonic or subtle vibration that generates love, fearlessness and strength in the unconscious portion of the mind. In physics, the Law of Action states that “for every action there is an equal reaction.” Based on my personal experience, I can promise that when you continually give your attention to the mantra throughout the day, there will be a profound, life-enhancing effect. During the practice of seated silent meditation, the mantra does something that nothing else can do: it introduces the conscious mind to a state of stillness known as samadhi.
Each spiritual tradition prescribes a way of remembering––a mechanism for centering your awareness on the Supreme Reality. Even though your emotions can have the force of an intense thunderstorm, you always have a choice of how you direct your attention. Paradoxically, despite this promise, it is essential not to anticipate specific results as the consequence of your japa practice. In the Judaic-Christian-Muslim tradition the ancient Torah states it this way: It shall come to pass, if you hearken diligently unto my commandments which I command you this day, to love the Lord your God, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul, then I will give the rain of your land in its season, the former rain and the latter rain, so that you may gather in your corn, your wine, and your oil. As long as you are not being required to concentrate your attention in furtherance of an action, any time is an appropriate time to listen to your mantra. Jesus the Christ taught his disciples, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Your greatest treasure does not lie in objects and relationships that are subject to change. In the process of freeing yourself from the prison of physical, mental or emotional dis-ease, the most accurate and beneficial direction comes from within. To connect to this immense power within you, you need to understand there a three apects to you, as a human being. Spread the word, share this page and support this website by leaving a donation if you happen to enjoy what you find here. Your token of appreciation keeps me going and motivates me in turn to share with you more of the secrets on how to become a successful, happy and accomplished human being. Fun at Work Jan 14, 16 05:11 AMI now have fun at work by building an online business and working from home!
This man’s name is Robin Sharma and he is well known in the business world and a great speaker.
If you like our hard work and effort at Enterprise2day then please consider making a kind donation thru paypal or any credit card. Have regular bowel movements:  Daily bowel movements support your body’s ability to eliminate the toxins and to keep your colon healthy. Support your liver:  The liver, a main organ in charge of eliminating toxins, can be supported in several ways. Hydrate:  The foods and liquids we put into our body can accelerate dehydration, especially if it isheavy in processed foods, salt, and preservatives. Declutter your life:  How does decluttering assist in cleansing you for a healthier mind and body?Your environment and the people in it play a big role in your energetic and emotional state. And with that in mind we want to offer additional space for you, where you can complement your whole wellness process with a deeper knowledge of important aspects in your life, such as emotions, feelings and thoughts that occupy your mind and without realizing it, are determining how you take your life, how you behave and how you nourish your body, nutritionally and emotionally. We all know that deep down we are not nourishing our bodies and our minds in the way they deserve, when we decide to ignore the fact that behind our behavior is a personal story, a repressed emotion, an unsolved problem, worries, fears and anxiety. Well then, we invite you to give yourself personal space, we offer you a place and space where you can check your home, your house, entering each little room, sorting out what goes inside. We invite you to listen carefully to what your body tells you and here we are ready to offer you support in every way! With more attention paid to nutrition and food as medicine, it seems that every few months the spotlight is on a new diet protocol that is the latest and greatest.
Depending on your health status, your symptoms, and other diagnoses, as well as genetic factors, these variables may alter what regimen best suits your body. When it comes to preventing and reversing chronic disease, certain foods in the diet can actually contribute to healing and repairing the body. If there is one place to start when making the first step to a lifestyle diet change, it would be increasing your daily intake of fruits or vegetables.
If there is another simple modification to make in your diet, it is to eliminate one processed food item in your food regimen per week. How our food is raised, how it is transported, and the waste that it produces is part of the food experience.
When going on certain diets, remember that each food group does have its benefits and when it is removed, we must make sure those nutrients continue to be supplied in other ways to maintain balance for the body’s essential requirements, whether it be supplementing with another food source or introducing a supplement. Tseng, you will learn to reduce stress through effective mind-body techniques, improve energy levels through detoxification, maximize your emotional health, and reduce inflammation using functional nutrition strategies.
Every episode focuses on the stories of real people who are working to make life better for themselves and their families, despite tremendous medical obstacles. From infancy, our mind has been schooled by parents, teachers, clergy and the media in our culture’s primary philosophy: dualism. Faced with this unsettling sense of profound lack, the mind frantically scours the world of objects in search of happiness and security.

The mind is easily infatuated with the passing pleasure associated with an object we “love,” so the senses, ego and unconscious forces eagerly plant thoughts, words and suggestions in our consciousness to reprise and prolong the feeling. By learning to let go of old, unhelpful habits, the mind can increasingly access and employ its very own superconscious wisdom that empowers us to make conscious, discriminating choices guaranteed to bring lasting peace, happiness and security.
If you truly desire to be healthy, happy and secure, a personal mantra can provide that leadership role.
These qualities, in turn, inspire the individual to make new, healthy lifestyle choices that positively benefit the entire body-mind-sense complex. The word mantra joins the Sanskrit words man, “the mind,” or “to think” and tri, “to cross.” When used regularly and earnestly, the mantra can help you cross over, or overcome, the turbulent, unhelpful habits of the unconscious mind.
You may not be aware of the change immediately, but its subtle, beneficial power is continuously stored in the potential state––available to you when you need it most to enhance the body’s natural immune system and to reduce stress, anxiety and pain.
Over time, the mantra’s therapeutic vibration supersedes competitive and contractive vibrations of lack, fear, anger and greed. As a result of this experience the personality willingly abandons its old, unhealthy habits and begins to discover––experientially, rather than intellectually––that true happiness and security rests at the innermost center of your being. Just as all of the tree exists in the seed, the very chair you are sitting on right now was originally an idea in the mind of a human being. In Judaism, a mezuzah––scriptures encapsulated in a small decorative container––is placed on the doorposts of a building, so that when people go out or come in they are reminded of the Truth and law that supports them. Just rest your attention silently, lovingly and continuously on the sound or vibratory quality of the mantra as if you were listening to beautiful music. In every circumstance, the stored power of the mantra will come forward when you need it most in the form of love, fearlessness and strength so that you can do what is to be done when it is to be done, and not do what is not to be done.
Mantra practice is not a quid pro quo––“If I do this, you must give me that.” If you can simply accept that you are an integral part of the One beneficent intelligence and are ready and willing to do your part, you are guaranteed to receive exactly what you need.
And I will even give grass in your fields for thy cattle, and they also will eat and be satisfied. Once you choose a mantra, the mantra should become your default thought, constant companion and the background music of your life. If you were visiting a friend in a distant city for the first time and you had only her address, you’d seek direction from someone who was familiar with that city. The advice that will always lead you for your highest and greatest good comes from the superconscious portion of your mind where unerring, quantum wisdom is accessible to you.
Please take a moment to ponder what he says and take to heart that we are amazing being and life really is good. Alcohol, prescription medications, and other substances in our environment often require the liver to process and breakdown toxic by products for elimination. Stress, lack of sleep, and long work hours can also affect optimal hydration state and precipitate constipation, slowing down the elimination process.
This often ties back to your level of stress, feelings of stagnation, and ability to feel motivated, empowered, and vibrant. Each of us have grown with a set of ideas and beliefs that lead us to move through life in one way or another and it is evidently seen that our guidelines and behavior at the time of eating have much to do with how we relate to the world, the way we perceive food, our moods and our lifestyle. Without recognizing it, all this leads us to mistreat of our body and our mind, by choosing food that does us no good and that’s how we become subjected to a vicious circle that we can not leave until the moment we decide to make a stop and get to know ourselves better from the inside, out.
Chronic disease is on the rise, and an overall awareness is growing that food makes a difference in healing our bodies.  We need to look at what we eat and how we eat it and realize that we do have choices on how to use food to stay healthy. Striving for 9 servings per day is ideal, as it provides you with the array of phytonutrients and micronutrients, both essential in keeping the body healthy. I am a big believer in sustaining long-term changes, and doing things gradually is sometimes the best way. Minding our environment is another way to look at the foods that we choose to put into our bodies. You will become empowered, gaining a better understanding of your own body in order to support it in healing. In order to ensure our self-preservation, the mind must investigate the objects of the world, entertain memories of what it believes has happened in the past and imagine what might possibly occur in the future.
Through the process of “somebody training,” we’ve learned partially helpful, but essentially flawed and misleading information about the nature of our reality. Yet, without a philosophy of life grounded in the Truth that the “Real I” is simultaneously a citizen of two worlds (imminent and transcendent; mortal and eternal), the mind, prodded by its nagging sense of lack, operates with the perpetual anxiety that it might miss whatever valuable experience lies just around the next corner. With consistent attention, the mantra stills all contending and debilitating vibrations in the mind. This discovery is the greatest human treasure, and the mantra stands as a perpetual reminder that true happiness is both within you and is you––having a human experience.
Catholics use the rosary beads as an aid to practicing “prayer without ceasing.” The mala, or prayer beads, for Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims serve the same goal––constant remembrance. Attend to the mantra with the same emotion that parents feel as they communicate to their newborn baby. Whenever you’re not being asked to fulfill some specific duty or responsibility, mentally listen to the mantra. In fact, if you fall asleep listening to the mantra, it will repeat itself throughout the night––sowing seeds of love, fearlessness and strength in the unconscious mind. Whenever you think of it during the day, give your attention and listen to the sacred sound. To experience true happiness, security and a state of optimal health, learn to give your continuous, loving attention to your mantra. You might download a map from the internet, consult a GPS system or perhaps ask a policeman for directions once you arrive. The sages of every tradition agree: successful living depends on acting skillfully from a state of equanimity no matter what the circumstance.
I just returned from a trip to Washington DC and there was a speaker that really made his mark on me. In addition, fresh fruits and vegetables are a natural fiber source, and other options such as flax seed and chia will assist in keeping you regular and maximizing the detoxification process. When we get busy, we may lose track of how much water we actually ingest in a day, so its important to track this in a simple fashion. These days, infrared saunas are popping up everywhere as a way to eliminate toxins.  Whether it’s a regular or infrared sauna you are planning to build into your cleansing regimen, remember to start low, go slow, and remember to hydrate afterward.
Tseng specializes in stress and inflammation, two areas implicated in ongoing research as the core cause of many chronic diseases.
This incessant activity of the mind––that leads to action, consequence and experience––is both vital and rewarding. This is why we manufacture and employ an awesome array of electronic gadgetry like cell phones, computers and television sets.

Because pain puts an immediate end to pleasure, it has great power to command the mind’s attention.
As the rhythms of the heart, nervous system and other bodily systems syncopate to the mantra’s vibration, the mind becomes filled with greater mental equanimity, clarity and creativity. For the human being, the action of the body is merely a reflection of thoughts in the mind. Lovingly direct your attention to the reverberating sound of each syllable––just as if you were tuning in a radio station playing your favorite melody. Then, in the face of fear, or anger, or self-willed desire, the mantra will come forward into your awareness with the courage, love and strength you need.
When you silently listen to the mantra frequently throughout the day, you will be able to choose the thoughts, words and deeds that will positively assist you in every circumstance. Essentially, your security and happiness depend only on what you choose––what you think, what you say, and how you act. Repetition of the mantra––in the forms of both seated meditation and japa––is an invaluable tool for developing this capacity. Supplements such as milk thistle and antioxidants support the liver in doing its job and can assist in the elimination process. I like to fill a large water bottle up and leave it at my desk and make note of how many liters it holds.
Hanging onto things take up space in your sacred domain and can bring your energy down, sometimes even affecting your body’s physiological state. When filling a dinner plate, aim to cover 50 percent of the plate and make it a bright and colorful array. However, when the presence of our detachment, discrimination and will power is missing from its deliberations, the mind operates like a powerful storm that can wreak havoc in our lives. These promise a seemingly endless supply of opportunities for happiness and security for the mind to ponder and explore.
From a yogic perspective, pain is a message from our inner, intuitive quantum wisdom advising us that a conflict between our outer actions and inner wisdom presently exists, and that we need to address that conflict and make some appropriate change in our lives.
The words you are now reading, for example, were first thoughts in the mind of their author. Making every thought a means for your liberation is the only way to prove the efficacy of this wisdom for yourself. For a healthier, more energetic you, it is about reducing the toxic burden as well as supporting the liver with nutrients and minerals required to do its job. Try decluttering your home or your garage, and make note of your energetic state afterward. But without this understanding, the mind generally opts for some pleasant, self-medicating solution that will somehow drug the pain out of our conscious attention for the time being. Then, with concentrated attention, a desire grew to communicate these thoughts in a coherent manner.
You cannot control what comes to you, but you can become free to always respond wisely, lovingly and creatively.
It is not just about exercise, losing weight etc but about love and being able to make another person feel good about themselves when you are in their presence.
These days, we live in a very toxic world, and no matter how ‘clean’ we eat or live, we still accumulate toxins that affect digestion, mood, mental agility. Sometimes, when the body has been overburdened, I guide my patients through a month long comprehensive cleanse to reboot their body back to an optimal state. When using water bottles, be sure to stick with BPA-free plastic bottles, or stick with glass jars to avoid plastic toxin byproducts. I like to clean out the freezer and refrigerator at the end of the year, and restock it with fresh wholesome foods as a way to kick off the commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Such solutions, of course, never address the real cause of the pain; they only mask it temporarily while creating (in many cases) side effects that cause us physical, mental and emotional dis-ease. Simply acknowledging this relationship between the subtle and the gross (mind-body-action-consequence) changes your perspective and yields great power.
Therefore, whenever you have a few moments, take the opportunity to practice the silent, loving repetition of your mantra. Through my weekly newsletter that I want to share with you in the following weeks and months to come I will be talking about health and aspects of how the mind operates and how it helps us to also achieve what we really want out of life.
Here are some tips for 2014 to support you in your approach to detoxify, cleanse, and eliminate that which no longer serves you.
Don’t leave plastic bottles in the sun, and if the bottle contains cracks or scratches, discard it and purchase a new one. Buying fresh fruits and vegetables in small quantities, and frequenting the farmer’s markets to support local produce can be a way to weave a mindful practice into the commitment to cleanse, refresh, renew, and declutter. When you’re unexpectedly stopped by a red light during your morning drive to work and a thought that evokes anger appears in your awareness, witness the anger and willingly substitute your mantra. Surface damage and heat can affect the composition of the plastic, potentially leaching byproducts into your water. If you have ever experienced love, in what ever "shape or form", you have connected to the spirit essence within you.Once you have experienced a union with Spirit - just for an instant, life can never be the same again.
We have destilled that Spirit essence of ours into hundred different names, the same as we have dissected Love into hundreds different meanings of love.
The mere act of wanting or wanting to have is the wrong action for experiencing Spirit.
By consciously undoing the obstacles in your mind you make way for remembering who you are. When you connect to Spirit, you experience a revelation a€“ it feels like a communion with the Universe or God. It can come as sudden and as intense as a thunderstorm, so powerful that your life completely changes within a day.
But you can also experience revelations as little drizzles of awareness as your mind opens up. Imagine all the people only decide to have only peace and actually refuse to fight each other anymore.

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