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There are indeed amazing feats of mind over matter like the Yogi in India who lives without food and water, the story of Coral Castle where one man cut and moved solid stones larger than those used in the pyramids, or the proven telekinetic powers of Nina Kulagina.
These cases, and others involving transcending the material world like cases of extrasensory perception (ESP), are typically viewed as paranormal events. However, these seemingly impossible phenomenon may become more widely accepted as we better understand the implications of quantum mechanics.
Quantum physics has proven that all matter at the subatomic level exists in wave form, and that matter only appears solid when we, as the observer, use our senses to decode and perceive the wave patterns in space and time. In his book called The Hidden Messages in Water, Masaru Emoto explains his experiments on water crystals which proved that droplets of water form different shapes when frozen with words associated to each sample. If our thoughts have the power to manifest changes in the physical world, then controlling our thoughts would seem to be of utmost importance. What’s more, physicists have also discovered that at the quantum level all particles (matter) seem to somehow be connected to all other particles through what they call entanglement. This connectivity would appear to help explain the mechanics behind extrasensory perception (ESP), which is now a statistically measurable phenomenon on average humans. As outrageous as it may be to believe, we all would seem to possess these great powers of the mind to transcend and effect the physical world. Although most fears propagated by those with an agenda are an illusion, even seemingly legitimate fears that help us survive in the material world may also be fictitious. The lesson is that if each of our minds has great power over what manifests in the world, it would seem to nullify the blame game of all problems in the world.
This idea was highlighted by Gandhi who stated that a movement is much more powerful when it promotes what it stands for, rather than fight against what it opposes. Get Our Exclusive 21-page Report 10 Ways to Survive and Thrive During Economic Collapse for FREE!
This is the first of 16 blogs discussing the patterns of tactics mentioned in my power and control wheel – One-Sided Power Games. Research with men and women reveals that men who engage in one-sided power games show more concern about gaining something for themselves than showing concern for what they are actually doing to their partners. When I interviewed the men for my PhD research I asked why they’d bother committing to a monogamous relationship if they were so keen on playing the field and seeking sex from multiple partners. The unwritten contract would say: “I can do what I want but you gotta do what I tell you to. These are examples of one-sided power games where: He makes the rules, he makes all the big decisions and he has the last word.
Indeed these men’s views of how a marriage should operate fitted with women’s experience of being dismissed and disregarded as an equal partner. Other men said the unwritten contract would say, “Do as the man says” and that men can be very domineering. Geni said he’d “Think the majority of men would think the wife is like the doting little servant, slave, there to do everything” and that when the man comes home from work in his suit and drops the briefcase “he expects the beer there and the meal on the table.” When this expectation is not met, men say they feel disrespected as a man, that the failure of the woman to carry out her feminine role hurts a man’s pride.
From the women’s experience, Elsie said that everything she and her husband drank, ate and did, including sex, was mostly what he wanted and the way he wanted it. An extremely common tactic of the one-sided power game entails the man monopolising the woman’s time and energy. Most women I talked to expected equal role sharing when they began living with their partners. The burden of these kinds of responsibility increases over time for most women in partnership with men who hold beliefs about male entitlement. Raewyn said there was a great deal of pressure to act, think and be like her husband because he said his way was the only and right way, even though his behaviours were not always congruent with his philosophies. Karen’s partner Felix would pull a blanket over his head and hum when Karen wanted to communicate. Teresa had a high public profile job working under her intimate partner’s management and they both earned good money. As you can see from men’s and women’s stories, one-sided power games don’t always entail physical violence for the man to ascend to the  superior gender status and get the rewards society tells him he deserves. The irony is that men are not truly getting what they really want – which is safety, trust and a caring connection. These accounts resonate with me and my experience … I sincerely see similarity with all accounts.
Since I married him, I was propelled to domestic violence counseling, because he hit me and strangled me shortly after our wedding.
Present: through years of therapy, and relapses with him which did not help my healing process (but I cannot keep blaming myself for this reaction since I still felt feelings of love), I am still having a difficult time with the finalization of this divorce. I am having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that (former) friends, his family, and society at large, take HIS side, and thus make me feel even more isolated and weird for noticing the truth that I have lived privately.
Women can be just as guilty as men and often times it’s a disgruntled and abusive mother. Some Potent Facts Australian Personal Safety Survey 2012 indicates 25% (2,142,600) of Australian women and 14% (1,221,100) of men aged 18 years and over have experienced psychological abuse by a partner since age 15. Of the women who seek help at Women's Refuge in New Zealand, 90% report experiencing psychological abuse compared with 65% who report experiencing physical violence.

SpeakOutLoud started with two of us creating a resource blogsite for victims, perpetrators, bystanders, family, and professionals. Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity. For example, the sample droplets would have phrases like I love you, thank you, or I hate you written next to them. I was so surprised when most of the men said they wanted to build a life-long caring relationship.
Several women I interviewed said their partner had to have the final decision about everything, and regularly ignored them if she had something to say.
It had to be his way first and then, maybe, he might think about doing something for Victoria. Most women experiencing control by their loved-one say their partners make many promises but never deliver. Donna said that “When we got married my workload just got heavier and heavier and heavier and heavier and heavier.
When they first met, Patrick was seemingly happily married with a baby but he pursued Teresa relentlessly, yet blamed Teresa for his marriage break up.
It doesn’t take physical violence for him to ensure she descends into a downward despairing spiral and a position of servitude. It simply hurts me that I am not justified socially for my decision to protect myself against this tyranny. But, think about it: wouldn’t you be interested and curious about a new person in your life? My mother was extremely psychologically abusive to me from about the time I turned 15 to the present at 25.
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Now our recent explosive growth of readership worldwide has meant we are needing to pay more for our services and get additional expert technical advice. I'm just out of an abusive relationship and the whole tactics series really opened my eyes and allowed me to come to terms with the fact I had to leave him, helped me to remain psychologically sane in the process and confirmed to me, over and over, that I was not just "going crazy". It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development.
There are multiple one-sided power games played by a person determined to maintain power and control. Susan said her partner “made the major decisions and if any were decided jointly, he did things his way in the end”.
When the couple went to marriage guidance, Graham agreed with things the counsellor said, but when they got home he said that what the counsellor said was, “All rubbish and that he was not going to f…ing do that, she doesn’t know what she’s on about that woman”.
Susan said that her husband took no responsibility for fathering or household duties and he told people that he had a lazy wife. His pattern was to get his own way at her expense, for example, he ate steak three meals a day, gave steak to his friends, yet Donna’s sons were made to eat mince and sausages.
Pauline’s husband always avoided talking about issues, he never raised his voice or got angry.
The thing that confused me the most was that he was physically abusive only at first, and then his tactics changed and became more difficult to recognize. Her hidden desire to control and make me a submissive subservient has caused many problems and has ruined our family.
Both of my parents are very sick people and I look forward to the near future when I will no longer have to associate with them.
Your generous support of us is also helping countless victims of Coercive Control and Psychological Abuse. Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring. Saying Images collected these amazing love quotation from the internet…Hope these cute, romantic quotation with pictures might guide you on your relationship!Love has plenty of dimensions. And it was her they wanted to turn to for support when they were jailed, or punished in some way for abusing her.
Pauline’s husband treated her in such a way that meant she had no right to have judgements or make decisions.
He yelled at the baby when it was one week old telling the baby that it had to shut up and not start running the house. Yet Susan was overburdened with responsibility, which included being in charge of the finances – which he continually sabotaged. Teresa said that if she disagreed with Patrick or said “no” to sex, he would get really angry, nasty and sulk for days. Sally said that because her husband would not take responsibility for his behaviours she would get angry in an attempt to be heard and to resolve issues.
Because Teresa had not been in a relationship before, he controlled her by insisting that she knew nothing about relationships, and that he did.

We have been through therapy, and I myself have been through consistent therapy for over 4 years. My father is also abusive but he tends to ignore everything around him and focus his attention on television and his yard. Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room! Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download. On the other hand, Karen made the major decisions such as where to live – however, ultimately if Felix felt a decision needed to be blocked he’d block it. Their partners may say they love her, want the relationship to improve, so agree to go to counselling, but the role they are playing is a major way in which such men gain any sense of self-esteem.
To gain further understanding why men engage in these one-sided power games you can read here and here. Likewise, if Susan’s partner did not get his own way he would ignore her or disappear for days or weeks at a time. This situation has sucked all my energy, and creativity, which is the essence of my being (I am a talented novice artist). Never once asked a question about my past, my being, my goals, my well-being … never. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index".
Love is also a very positive emotion, which becomes even stronger when you tell a person how much you love them.
He, too, had previously been married for ten years and insisted that he knew how to have a relationship, that Sally did not, and he therefore knew best. My mother also has a bipolar schizophrenia that has never been formally diagnosed or was wrongfully diagnosed as a depression because she would never be honest about her condition because of the stigma of being schizophrenic, which makes the situation worse. With love quotes, you can express your love for others in a variety of ways.The quotes constitute simple words, which you can easily remember and recite to your beloved. They are also both very good at using their voices to manipulate other people’s feelings, leading them on to believe that they are normal and that everything is okay. He always refused to answer the phone, which meant Sally could never get hold of him if she was away from the house. We have no place to run because I promised her I would take her dog, which is her best friend with her. I believe my mother became this way because of her father who was also controlling and abusive and now she takes it out on me.
He walked away when Victoria wanted to talk or he would respond with, “I don’t know” over and over. I wouldn’t live in the house with them if I could afford not to, but in my current situation I am stuck here or homeless. There could be quotes with which you may not agree but there are still many with which you will be able to connect instantly. The sensation you feel when you are in love and the excitement you experience when you see your partner are all expressed perfectly in these quotes.The language is beautiful and some of them even sound like a poem. I went to a therapist for a while but they were pretty much worthless, offering bogus discussion and recommending that I take steps that were absolutely absurd. That is why you should not hesitate to mention the quotes on gifts and greeting cards, which you send to your beloved.
It has been a frustrating experience and not only have I suffered because of it, but my younger brother is shaping up to turn out just as bad as I have become. It would not only help you express your love but also let your partner feel the emotion more deeply. We live in one of those neighborhoods where no one talks except for briefly when they mow the lawns and where everyone in the town is on anti-psychotics or anti-depressants, so much so to the point that it’s impossible to see a psychiatrist because they refuse to accept anymore patients. Love, when demonstrated by way of written words, becomes much more powerful and with love quotes, you can surely make your love life more blissful.
Your brain tells you it is not a good idea, but your heart tells you, you can fly.What is love? If it does not come back, it was never meant to be.I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. It is so because the quotes have been said or written by great personalities hailing from different countries, cultures, and eras. By reading them, you may even discover a new aspect of love and understand its meaning more deeply. Still want more love quotes images? Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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