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Challenge00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitWhere There's War, There's Opportunity I honestly believe It would be in China's best interest for the US and Russia to war and exhaust their resources. Reply00(Maximum 900 words)SubmitIf Russia and the US went to war no one would end on top If Russia and the US were to go to war, it would likely result in a full-scale nuclear war.
First a word about taking the proper precautions when working in, on, under, or around a car. This book is about overland travel in a vehicle with four or more wheels throughout mainland United States and Canada. While no longer available, over 500 adapters were manufactured so there are a lot kicking around out there. A primer on Delco 3 wire alternators suitable for Series Land Rovers and how to wire one up. They are already the second most powerful country and after the us was weakened they would be more powerful espically since we would have to pay back debt.

China is more n likely is hoping to use Russia to exhaust the US military while China themselves financially exhaust the US economy with their investments. And becoming a world power doesnt happen just because 1 country falls it would be likwe the cold war but with diffent people considering the economy, cultures, and every weaker country dependent on the USA would drasticly change. Leaving aside the questionable 'what if' history, the resident superpowers of China, Russia, the US and other powers (EU, India etc) are linked in such a way as to protect themselves from just such a situation. The AW was the channel which the members used to communicate with the club and each other - sharing tips, tricks, and the thousand and one different pieces of information that can help an owner to live with a car as unique as an old Land-Rover. If Russia, damn near third world at this point and America, working as hard as it can to become third world get into a war, God forbid, they will probably both buy supplies from China.
It is indeterminate what the next 50 years of history will show, and it is impossible to do more than speculate at this point.
CarParts4sale Inc is not associated with or endorsed by Audi AG, Volkswagen AG, Audi of America, or Volkswagen of America in any manner. Even if they didn't, at the end of such a devestating war the victor would be wounded so badly that China would be able to dominate them if they chose to do so.

If the US politicians were smart, instead of persistently looking for lawsuits against the US States, they should focus more on effective lawsuits against China for their abusive investments that are weakening the US economy. China is making strides everyday to overpower America economically and otherwise and it is succeeding.
The US and allies would likely contract global imports at the outbreak of war with another super power.
If the US falls into war with Russia, the US would be inadvertently surrendering it's world power status to China. As the allied powers switch to local markets for goods, China would be forced to partner with Russia (if they hadn't already per existing treaties).
In answer of the original debate question, No, but likely their economy would be irrelevant as war would be taking place at a near global level.

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