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RavPower is enclosed in a smooth, ebony finish that customers can easily tell that the company is serious about premium products.
The power bank uses an ultra-reliable Samsung Lithium-ion battery that can withstand more than 500 battery charge and discharge cycles. It takes a long time to get this power bank charged, but that is to be expected as it has 14,000mAh power. RavPower is a 14,000mAh external portable power pack that can get you through a camping weekend or just simply carry it with you for those times you need to recharge. As tablets get bigger, and phones more powerful a portable power bank is all you will need specially for someone who works away from a power source all day.

This entry was posted in Cell Phone External Battery Pack and tagged 14000mAh, External Battery Pack, RavPower by Pete. The iCarrier packs an impressive 12, 000mAh of power and has a hefty life span of around 500 charge cycles.
It is enclosed in a smooth, ebony varnish that users can easily tell that this is a premium device. It has the ability to charge two devices at once and the flashlight comes in handy during a power outage. With its sturdy build, fingerprint-resistant black matte finish, and simple yet portable design, this models of portable battery is a force to be reckon with.

New Trent engineers meticulously designed the iCarrier to ensure high performance during dual charging – this means no increase charge time when charging two devices. It has a blue LED indicator that looks different, yet more appealing than what other power banks have.

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